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Established in 2017, YeDoma is a quality based geotechnical engineering company. What this means is that we maintain systematic processes and continually work to improve.

We specialize in supporting local, state, and federally funded projects with consultant services. We have a proven track record of successful and timely completed projects. Give us a call to discuss what YeDoma Consultants, LLC can do for you.

Furthering the field

YeDoma has brought new technologies to our local market. We have two dynamic probing rigs. The super heavy weight hammer has the same energy as the standard penetration test and a solid cone tip is more resilient to consecutive blows of the hammer. YeDoma has been using the equipment over the last three years for anomaly detection, compaction control, and site characterization and subgrade sampling (continuous sampler and using our auger head). Special sample tubes are added to collect relatively undisturbed samples. The dynamic probing increases reliability as each consecutive blow of the hammer is logged and hidden weak zones and layer boundaries are mapped to within inches of the actual contact.

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