Transfer Photos to a Chromebook

You can easily transfer photos from a Android device to a Chromebook. All you need is a USB cable. Plug the USB cable into your assigned Chromebook and then connect it to your Android device.

Once you connect your Android device to your assigned Chromebook you will see a Android System Notification stating what USB option is currently selected for your connected device. Tapping on that notification provides a user with additional options.

In the Android System USB options panel tap on Transfer photos (PTP).

Once you select transfer photos from the Android System USB options panel the Files App on your assigned Chromebook will automatically open. In the File App you will see your connected Android device listed on the left under the Downloads folder. Clicking on your Android device in the Files App gives you access to the DCIM folder.

Clicking on the DCIM folder gives you access to the Camera folder.

Once you have navigated to the Camera folder you will see all the pictures you have taken listed. Highlight the image file you would like to transfer and tap with two fingers to right click. This gives a user the ability to access the action menu which will let you copy your photos to the My Drive folder.

Navigate to the My Drive folder and using two fingers click any where in the My Drive folder to access the action menu. Select paste from the action menu and the photo is copied from your Android device to the My Drive folder on your assigned Chromebook. Once the photo is transferred to the My Drive folder it automatically sync's with Google Drive. From Google Drive you can share the photo with your teacher or add it to assignments. It is as simple as that!