Adobe Flash Player Content

Adobe Flash Player Content is embedded in many websites. Due to security vulnerabilities with Flash Player content Google has decided to leave the decision to allow Flash Content to run on a website in the hands of the user. The following tutorial will instruct a user on how to enable Flash Content on a Site by Site basis.

The address to the website you are currently visiting is displayed in the address bar at the top of the Chrome Browser. To the left of that website address is a icon. The icon will be different depending on the site itself. Sometimes it is a Green Lock which indicates that the site is secure. Sometimes it is a exclamation point in a circle which indicates that the site may have security issues. If you click on the icon itself a list of options is presented to you. To enable Adobe Flash Player content click on Site Settings.

Once the Site Settings page opens you can choose your preferences for Flash for this particular website. The default setting for all websites is Ask. Please click the drop down arrow to change the default setting.

In the drop down window select Allow to enable Adobe Flash Player Content on this site.

After changing the Site Settings to Allow navigate back to the web page. You will have to Reload the web page for the changes to take effect. Once the page is reloaded Adobe Flash Player content will be enabled on this site.