Chromebook Updates

Chrome OS is the Operating System that runs on Chromebooks. Google releases a update for Chrome OS about every six weeks. Since the Chromebooks at AGCS are Enterprise Enrolled we manage updates to Chrome OS. However students have the ability to update their assigned Chromebook. The following tutorial will describe how to check for updates on a Chromebook.

First open the settings menu and click the side bar in the upper left hand corner. A list of settings options will be presented to you. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and click on About Chrome OS.

Once the About Chrome OS settings page loads click on Check For Updates. If a update is available for your assigned device it will be downloaded and installed.

Once the update is finished downloading you will be prompted to Restart to Install the update. Once the device is restarted it will be running the latest version of Chrome OS.

Notice the Up Arrow in the bottom right hand corner next to the profile picture? This indicates that a update is pending and the device needs to be restarted for it to be installed. If you see it that Up Arrow please restart your device and install the update.