Exporting & Importing Bookmarks

Sync is disabled by default in student user profiles for Google Apps for Education. However students do have the ability to save their Bookmarks to Google Drive by using Bookmark Manager. This will come in handy if your assigned Chromebook needs to be factory reset to to resolve a technical issue or if you forget your password. Either of those circumstances will result in a loss of bookmarks. Backing them up to Google Drive will resolve this issue.

To access Bookmark Manger click on the menu in the Chrome Browser. Then navigate down to Bookmarks and click the triangle to see additional options. Click on Bookmark Manager.

In the Bookmark Manager click on the menu in the top right hand corner of the screen. Additional options will be displayed. Click on Export Bookmarks.

Clicking on Export Bookmarks will give you the option of saving your current bookmarks as a html file. Please select a destination to save the file. It is recommended to save the file in Google Drive.

Now that your bookmarks have been saved as a html file in Google Drive you have the ability to import them to your user account. To do so navigate back to Bookmark Manager and access the menu. This time click on Import Bookmarks.

Clicking on Import Bookmarks opens the Files App. Navigate to the location where you saved your bookmark html file, select it, and click OPEN. This will import the bookmark html file to your assigned Chromebook restoring any bookmarks you had when the html file was initially exported.