Printing From Home

The most recent Chrome OS update introduced Native Printing to Chromebooks. Students now have the ability to add a network printer to their assigned Chromebook. This gives students the ability to print from home. The following tutorial will describe in detail how to add a network printer to a assigned Chromebook.

Note: The ability to print on a Chromebook is limited to Network Printers only. If the printer is not connected to your home network you will not be able to print.

Some information needs to be gathered before we can begin. First you will need the IP Address of your home printer. You can typically find this information by going into the settings of your home printer and printing out a Network Configuration page. You will also need to know the manufacturer and model of your home printer. The manufacturer and model should be written on the device itself. Once that information is gathered we can begin.

Go to the Settings page of your assigned Chromebook and click on the side bar in the upper left hand corner of the screen. A list of settings options will be presented to you. Scroll down and click on Advanced and then click on Printing.

The Settings options for printers screen will be presented to you. Click on Printers

Click on Add a Printer next

Now we will manually add your home printer. First give the printer a name. Next type in the IP Address for your printer in the Address field. After that click on the drop down menu for Protocol and select AppSocket (TCP/IP) and then click add. If your home printer is not immediately recognized some additional information is required.

The next step involves associating the Printer with it's manufacturer and model. This will help Chrome OS install a device driver that will allow your assigned Chromebook to communicate with your home printer. Select the Manufacturer from the drop down list. Select the Model from the drop down list and then click add. Your home printer will be added to the list of available print options in applications like Google Docs or the Chrome Browser.

The next step is printing a test page. Open Google Docs and create a new document or use one you already have. Click on file and then click on print.

Next we need to change the print destination. By default it is set to save the document as a PDF file rather then actually printing it. We need to change this. Directly below the Save to PDF selection in the Destination field is the change button. Click on that.

A list of available printing destinations is presented to you. The destinations are divided into three categories. The three categories are Recent Destinations, Local Destinations, and Google Cloud Print. The home printer we've just added will be located in the Local Destinations section. Click on the home printer we just set up which is listed by its printer name. Next click print and you're all set!