‘School years are key to developing social and emotional skills, knowledge and behaviours. This period sets a pattern for how a young person will manage their own mental health and wellbeing into adulthood. Notably, half of all lifetime cases of diagnosable mental health problems begin before the age of 14. A sharp focus on wellbeing, building resilience and good mental health will improve outcomes for children’ … National Children’s Bureau

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Wellbeing Warriors

At Plumberow, we are all Wellbeing Warriors! We support our own, our family and friends' wellbeing.

Find more information in our new Wellbeing Warrior Newsletter, especially for the children at Plumberow.

At school, we focus on the 5 ways to wellbeing, identified by ‘Mind’ - the mental health charity. We also have regular assemblies, PSHE lessons and circle time designed to support our children's wellbeing.

Remember our 5 ways to wellbeing:

Connect - There is strong evidence that indicates that feeling close to, and valued by, other people is a fundamental human need and one that contributes to functioning well in the world.

Be active - Regular physical activity is associated with lower rates of depression and anxiety across all age groups.

Take notice - Reminding yourself to ‘take notice’ can strengthen and broaden awareness. Take some time to enjoy the moment and the environment around you.

Learn - Continued learning through life enhances self-esteem and encourages social interaction and a more active life.

Give - Participation in social and community life has attracted a lot of attention in the field of wellbeing research. Individuals who report a greater interest in helping others are more likely to rate themselves as happy.

We have listed some resources, websites and activity ideas you can use at home to develop your child’s wellbeing.

Useful Websites

Here are some of the assemblies we have shared in school.

Wellbeing - mindfulness
Mindfulness Part 2
Mental Wellbeing
PSHE - Huge bag of worries
Mental Wellbeing
Resilience and wellbeing

Wellbeing Activity Ideas

Wellbeing Activity ideas

Healthy Eating

Be Active

Sleep Tips

Millpond Children’s Sleep Clinic Information

We have regular wellbeing weeks to encourage the children to focus on their wellbeing and try new things.

Here are some of the activities from our last wellbeing week.