Foundation Stage

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Development Matters and Early Learning Goals

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At Plumberow, we provide our children with an ambitious curriculum that is designed to be responsive, engaging and meaningful. We believe that all children deserve memorable experiences that will allow their curiosity and creativity to flourish. We value the development of children as individuals and provide them with the skills, knowledge and understanding that they need to prepare them for the next stage of their journey. 


In the EYFS, play is central to our curriculum and we deliver quality learning opportunities through purposeful experiences that are both adult and child initiated. Our environment promotes independence, exploration and risk-taking. We want our children to feel safe and secure and our focus on emotional wellbeing ensures that our children begin to develop the skills that will make them successful citizens of the future.  

Skilful interactions are a fundamental part of our practice and are vital in nurturing confident and respectful communicators. We place great value on building positive relationships with our children and their families and involve parents in their learning journey. Throughout their time in the EYFS, the children develop a sense of belonging to our school community, through working with other year groups, accessing all areas of the school site and attending whole school events and celebrations. 

Parent Workshop Information

Parent Information September 2021

Our Foundation Stage Learning Environment

At Plumberow Primary Academy, we have a purpose built area for our Foundation Stage children, so they can flourish and grow in a safe learning environment. We have three separate classrooms, but the classes are linked to provide the opportunity for the children to work together and build relationships across the year group. Our large Foundation Stage outside area enables us to create a stimulating learning space. Our children learn outside every day to ensure they benefit from the range of learning opportunities. 

Our Classrooms

Each classroom has an engaging reading area, role play corner, creative, phonic, writing and mathematical areas. The children experience daily learning opportunities across all areas of the EYFS curriculum. They have weekly cooking sessions and games lessons. Our Foundation Stage children have enjoyed visits from the emergency services, local walks and dressing up days to bring their learning to life.  

The Outside Classroom

Our outside area provides opportunities for reading, writing and mathematical development alongside social, physical and language skills. 

We have a large sandpit, mud kitchen, construction area, a road for the bikes, reading dens, phonic and maths areas. Our outside area is well resourced to provide stimulating learning opportunities. 


Learning Through Play