Frequently Asked Questions!

Hopefully, answers to the questions you may have about Plumberow Primary Academy will be answered here!

If you have any further questions, please contact the academy office!

  • How do I apply for a school place for a Foundation Stage child?

You need to apply to the Essex County Council Schools Admission Department. This can be done on-line

  • How do I apply for a school place during the school year?

You can apply for an in-year transfer by going to the Essex County Council Schools Admission Department. This is for those who are moving into the area or requesting a different school.

  • How do I pay for school dinners, trips, swimming and clubs?

We are a cashless school. To pay for any of these you need to register with ParentPay and log in with details provided by the school

  • Where can I purchase school uniform?

You can purchase sweatshirts, polo shirts and bookbags from Danielle's, Main Road, Hockley.

  • How do I find items that my child has lost in school?

We have a lost property box where you can look for any lost items (after school) in the small grey building beside the swimming pool.

  • How will I know if after school extra curricular clubs have been cancelled?

If school run clubs are cancelled, you will be notified by text message during the school day

  • Can you administer medication to my child?

Unfortunately, our policy does not allow us to administer medication to your child unless it is antibiotics that have been prescribed by a doctor or the medication is part of your child's care plan. Piriton and nurofen/calpol has to be administered by the parent or designated person before school, at lunchtime or after school. A form giving permission for the academy to administer medicine can be downloaded here.

  • How do I register for Breakfast and/or After School Club?

Please complete an application pack to register your child for either of these clubs from the school office. Payment for Breakfast Club or After School Club can be made via ParentPay, using childcare vouchers or by making payment directly to our bank account. Please let the school office know which method of payment you will be using.

  • How do I notify the school if I need to take my child out during the school day for an appointment?

We prefer your child to have any appointments after school or during the school holidays. However, we do realise that sometimes this is not possible. Please let the school office know and provide a copy of the appointment letter. You will also need to let the class teacher know if your child is going to be absent.

  • How do I find out about upcoming events in school or find out any information relating to my child?

Please check the school website where all events, important dates and information are advertised. Also, we send out a weekly newsletter via e-mail (which is also on the website). Please make sure the school office have your most up to date e-mail address to receive this information.

  • How do I let the school know if I change my details?

If you change any of your contact details, i.e. home address or telephone number, please put it in writing to the school office.

  • Does the school have a text messaging/e-mail service?

Yes. Please make sure your telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are up to date. Unfortunately, we can only text out to one parent and this is usually the first priority contact,, unless told otherwise. We will cancel any clubs, provide any urgent information, let you know of any updates and communicate mostly via text message.

  • What do I need to do in order to help out in school, i.e. in my child's class?

Every parent helper needs to be DBS checked, through the school, in order for them to come in and help out. Please contact the school office to find out what evidence you need and to arrange a convenient time to complete the check. The process takes approximately 30 minutes.

  • Does the school provide childcare through the school holidays?

No, but usually Premier PE hold a sports club during the school holidays. This is a paid club and you will receive a letter home that will provide you with all the information and details on how to book a place. This will come home with your child around two weeks before a school holiday.

  • What do I need to do if my child is late into school or is coming into school late due to an appointment?

All children, from Foundation to Year 6, need to be signed into school by a designated adult.

  • How do I know if I am entitled to Free School Meals and how do I apply?

If you think you are entitled to Free School Meals, please call the following number to apply: 0845 603 2200. If you are already on Free School Meals please make sure you re-apply for this at the start of every academic year. This entitlement is a yearly process or if your circumstances change, you must inform the department.