Pupil Council

Pupil Council

The Plumberow Primary Academy Pupil Council is a group of students who represent the ‘voice’ of all the children in the Academy. They encourage the adults at the Academy to listen to their ideas and opinions, so that they can work together to ‘make the best better!’ The council democratically decide on the joint projects that they would like to be involved with during the year and then they put these ideas into action. In recent years, the council have successfully designed an adventure trail, bought new playground equipment, introduced buddy benches, painted a mural influenced the themes taught within the curriculum, presented assemblies, met with local councils and the Governing Body and even visited the Houses of Parliament!

The Pupil Council Policy can be viewed here!

Week Ending 13th July!

'Members of the Pupil Council visited Hockley village where the children asked several shops if they would display the drive/park safely posters in their window - some even put them up straight away! The children were really proud to see their posters on display and know that people will see them. Afterwards, the children delivered letters updating local residents on their work on driving and parking around Plumberow. '

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Week Ending 6th July!

The Pupil Council have designed a poster to remind parents to drive and park safely around our school. They will be distributing these around Hockley Village next week to ask the shops if they can display them.

The Pupil Council also wrote a persuasive letter to parents which has been emailed to them and a letter to the council, asking them to support us in improving parking and driving around our school!

Week Ending 27th April

The Pupil Councillors took time to reflect on their achievements so far this academic year and the best way to share these.

Week Ending 20th April

The Pupil Councillors discussed the feedback from the meeting they held with the local residents. They will use this feedback as part of an action plan. They had wonderful suggestions from the residents - Thank you.

Meeting with Local Residents

The Pupil Councillors met with the local residents who were invited to attend a meeting regarding the traffic around Plumberow, parking issues and general safety concerns! They really enjoyed talking to the residents and have taken note of the problems that they have experienced. The Councillors also spoke to residents about any suggestions they may have to improve traffic around the school. The pupil council will now feedback to the other councillors and create an action plan so that they can move forward and improve the parking and driving around school!

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Week Ending 30th March

A representative from The Alzheimer's Society explained to KS2 children some of the ways the money raised at the Christmas Performances would be used!

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Traffic Survey!

The Pupil Councillors from Years 3&4 performed the latest Traffic Survey! Unfortunately, potentially dangerous parking is still a huge problem and there will be further Traffic Surveys to monitor the situation! The Pupil Council are very concerned about the safety of pupils travelling to and from Plumberow!

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Week Ending 23rd March

At their meeting this week, the Pupil Councillors decided who should attend the residents meeting on Wednesday 28th March.

Cats Protection League

A representative from The Cats Protection League spoke in the Year 5&6 assembly about the work the group does! The visit was organised by the Pupil Councillors!

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Week Ending 16th March

In their latest meeting, the Pupil Councillors shared the results from the Safety Surveys and how suggestions/thoughts on these could be implemented to improve safety around school. They also planned a meeting with the Mid-Day Assistants to discuss how they think the safety of pupils at lunchtime could be improved!

The year 6 Pupil Councillors then delivered letters to the local roads: Cheltenham Road, Leamington Road, Hamilton Gardens, Oak Walk and Cornhill Avenue. The residents have been invited to a meeting with the Pupil Council on Wednesday 28th March to discuss the traffic and poor parking by parents!

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Week Ending 9th March

Representatives from Havens Hospice visited Plumberow Assemblies to explain to our pupils how the money that was donated to them following the Christmas Performances, would be spent! At the end of the KS2 Assembly, members of the Pupil Council were presented with a certificate!

At heir meeting, the Pupil Councillors considered what their reward stickers should be given for., e.g picking up coats and rubbish on the playground. They also confirmed that the Year 3&4 Traffic Survey will be on 21st March.

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Week Ending 23rd February

At their latest meeting the Pupil Council continued to discuss suggestions from classes. They also discussed the new Golden Time stickers which the Pupil Councillors will be giving out to pupils who they think are being safe around school. The Cats Protection League and Alzheimer's Society are visiting Plumberow to talk about their work in assemblies following the donations made to them following the Christmas Performances!

Week Ending 9th February

This week, the Pupil Councillors held more discussion about the suggestion boxes in classrooms. They also discussed the format and use of Safety Posters around school.

Week Ending 2nd February

The Pupil Councillors discussed the usage of the monies received from the PTA at their meeting this week.

The Pupil Council were very grateful and send a HUGE Thank You to the PTA!

Week Ending 26th January

Along with The Junior Leadership Team, the Pupil Council explained their role and aims to the rest of the school at Assemblies. They shared their Action Plan and then explained how they intend to improve safety in and around school. They also confirmed how the Christmas Performance donation would be split between the 3 charities - Cats Protection will be receiving £532.25, Havens , £220.22 and The Alzheimers Society, £165.17!

At their meeting, the Pupil Council discussed the idea of suggestion boxes in every class to gain the thoughts/ideas of pupils

The powerpoint presentation can be viewed here!

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Week Ending 19th January

In their meeting this week, the Pupil Councillors decided how to split the monies from the Christmas performances between the 3 charities voted for by pupils (Cats Protection, Havens and the Alzheimers Society). They also discussed the Pupil Council Action Plan which can be viewed here!

Week Ending 12th January

At their latest meeting, the Pupil Council counted the counters for the vote on the contributions to be made with the monies raised at the Christmas Performances! The results were:

Cats Protection League - 344

Havens Hospice - 139​​​​​​​​​​​​

Alzheimer's Society - 109

The treasurer has worked out the percentages and the totals of how much money that is going to be sent to each charity which will be discussed at their next meeting.

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Christmas Jumper Day 2017!

A 'normal' day at Plumberow(?)! Our Christmas Jumper Day 2017 raised over £485 for Save The Children!

Thank you for your continued support!

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Week Ending 8th December

The Year 1 and Year 6 pupil councillors conducted a traffic survey between 8:30 and 8:50 on a Wednesday morning to observe safety around the front and back of school. The Junior Leadership Team also attended to support the councillors. The councillors were disappointed to find a lot of inappropriate parking which was unsafe for children and for the residents. They spoke to parents who walk to school who shared their difficulties walking their children to school between the parked cars.

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School Council Award from the Houses of Parliament!

Following their successful visit to the Houses of Parliament earlier in the year, the Pupil Council received

a Certificate from the Speaker, commending them on their presentation!