Special Educational Needs & Disability 

Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND)

At Plumberow Primary Academy we follow The Code of Practice relating to the education of children with special needs. Children's individual progress is monitored carefully throughout the academy and every effort is made to match work to individual needs. Some children may receive help within the classroom from a member of the Special Needs team, or they may follow individual programmes of work devised by the class teacher and Special Needs coordinator. Mrs Chiodi is the Special Needs co-ordinator and can be contacted via the academy office. The academy actively promotes inclusion and aims to care for the needs of pupils across the learning spectrum. Children with specific learning needs are provided with support appropriate to their needs. The Special Needs Co-ordinator maintains an SEN register and the progress of pupils is reviewed regularly. The academy also accesses a range of LEA support and has an organised programme of visits from the Educational Psychologist.

The Plumberow Primary Academy Special Educational Needs and Disabilities School Information Report can be viewed, here!

Details of the Educational Psychologist Helpline can be found, here!


We operate an equal opportunities policy for Admissions. Priority is given to all children living within the school’s catchment area irrespective of attainment or impairment.

The AET SEND Policy can be viewed/downloaded, here!