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Parental ENgagement & Enrichment

2022-23 Enrichment Days

Home/School Agreement

Governors, in consultation with the Headteacher and the staff, are responsible for determining the aims of the Academy for which they have responsibility, and have, accordingly, drawn up a Home/School Agreement which can be viewed here! The signed copies of these are kept on file in the Academy office.


Pastoral Care and Discipline

The academy is a community in which behaviour is based on mutual respect and consideration for others. The class teacher, who knows each child well, is responsible for the care of children in his/her class. Particular problems should be referred to the class teacher in the first instance and then to the Headteacher.

The values, standards and attitudes of the academy community are made clear to the children by example and discussion. The academy has a Behaviour Policy and rules exist governing behaviour within the academy and playground.

A copy of Plumberow's Anti-Bullying Policy can be viewed/downloaded, here.

A copy of Plumberow's Positive Behaviour Processes can be viewed/downloaded, here.

The Academy Council has an Exclusion Policy should any serious disciplinary problems arise. Parents would be fully involved with any such procedures.

Attendance and Absence

The Academy aims to promote high levels of attendance and punctuality. Registers are monitored on a regular basis, and the Academy will contact parents if there are any issues relating to punctuality or attendance. If your child is unable to attend the Academy, parents must inform the Academy of their child's absence in one of three ways:-

  • Telephone - Please telephone the academy office by 9.15am at the latest to inform us if your child is going to be absent from school.

  • Letter - Letters must be received by the office in advance of the absence.

  • Message - Verbal messages from parents/carers must be given directly to the office before 9:15am.

If no message has been received by 9:15am, explaining a child's absence, the Academy will make contact with you by telephone to ensure that your child is safe.


All children who arrive late should come into the Academy via the Academy office in order that attendance registers and dinner records can be amended. If your child is late into school the person bringing your child to school must sign them in at the academy office.

Administering Medicine

If your child requires medicine administered during the school day, please complete the permission form which is available from the academy office. (The form is also available here). (PLEASE NOTE - NOT ALL MEDICINES CAN BE ADMINISTERED BY ACADEMY STAFF> PLEASE CHECK WITH THE ACADEMY OFFICE FOR MORE INFORMATION)

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As part of our statutory obligation to ensure that we are meeting the requirements of Prevent Duty (a government strategy designed to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorist or extremist causes) a copy of The Prevent Strategy - A guide for Parents can be viewed/downloaded, here!