Remarkable Lives

Find Your Remarkable

Boot Camp Fun

At Plumberow Primary Academy we aim to encourage our pupils to 'Be unusually brave' and 'Push the limits' so on Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd July we arranged for a Boot Camp taster session organised by Browne's Boot Camp, for every pupil to participate in. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed trying a new skill. They were encouraged to use problem-solving as well as agility skills in order to work their way around the course. This was a truly successful event as many pupils agreed they would like to participate in sessions like this again. Well done to everyone involved! For all photos please click the image to the left.

Year 3 - Push the Limits

Today, Year 3 took part in a triathlon. The children participated in swimming, cycling and running. After they had finished, the children were presented with their 'Remarkable Lives' certificate complete with the 'Push the Limits' sticker. Certificates were presented by Mr Drinkall CEO of the AET.

More photos can be viewed here.

Year 1

The children have this week been taking part in 'Remarkable Lives Week' in various ways. This week we have had our wonderful grandparents in to share a book with the children. The children have also been making self portraits of themselves dressed in their superhero costumes.

Year 6 - Remarkable Lives Poems

Year 6 spent the morning with Matt Abbott, the author of the poem 'Remarkable Lives'. As part of this morning the children wrote their own poem about remarkable people in their lives. The video opposite contains a selection of poems that the children wanted to share with you.

Remarkable Lives.mp4

Year 3 - Remarkable Lives

This week we invited our grandparents into class to share a book with the children. We have also been looking at our favourite books and the children have been writing book reviews.

The children have also enjoyed using their 'Find and Copy' torches in reading.

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Year 2 - Remarkable Lives

We have been making badges for Captain Remarkable today. Follow his values and join his team!

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Captain Remarkable

Today we introduced Captain Remarkable to the children during assembly. This marks the start of our 'Remarkable Lives' week at Plumberow.

Look out for further updates from our special week.