At Plumberow, we teach maths using the Maths Mastery Flow Model. Through our 5 part model, we broaden children's knowledge and understanding of how mathematics is used in real life, enabling our pupils to use and understand mathematical language and skills.

These are the core principles of an AET Mathematics Education, which build on the aims of the National Curriculum to deliver opportunity and development for all:

  1. Everyone can be a mathematician

  2. Commitment to the ‘why’, not just the ‘how’

  3. Always aiming for fluency with the unfamiliar

  4. Relish and enjoy the challenge and exploration of the mathematical world

  5. Engage the power of the learner, learning mathematics is a collaborative process

  6. Mathematics is everywhere - it’s a universal language

  7. Celebrate and explore different approaches

  8. Mathematics is a creative discipline; the answer is only the start

Children will move through the model at different rates and with varying amounts of support and scaffolding. It is the expectation that all pupils will be challenged to answer probing questions as an absolute minimum.

Maths Intent

Maths Policy