Mastery Flow

The Mastery Flow Model is a process in which learners progress from new learning to deep understanding. It is the Trust’s teaching model and our approach to delivering maths and Foundation subjects. The Mastery Flow Model is at the core of our teaching and learning and is evident in lessons, displays and books.

There are 5 stages to the Mastery Flow Model. Representation, Fluency, Problem Solving, Further Extension and Rich Tasks. At Plumberow we have renamed the stages for the children as Show, Do, Think, Explain, Solve.

Children will move through the model at different rates and with varying amounts of support and scaffolding. It is the expectation that all pupils will be challenged to answer probing questions as an absolute minimum.

For more information on The Mastery Flow Model, please click here to see a short video entitled ‘Mastery Flow in a nutshell’.