The Plumberow Minibus!


Many thanks for ALL the donations, big and small, received for the new Minibus and thank you to EVERYONE who has supported various fund raising events! The Minibus is now at Plumberow!!

...And It's Finally Here!!

The Minibus Has Docked!!

The Minibus is now in England and is on its way to Plumberow!!

Minibus Update - June 2018!

How exciting!! Our Minibus is on its way! Photos showing it from the start can be viewed by following the link! More information regarding its arrival etc. will be posted as soon as details are received! A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who helped us raise the funds for this much needed addition to Plumberow! More details of some of the people we owe our tremendous thanks to will be posted shortly!

click on the image below to view more photos!

The Minibus Project 2018!

Our school minibus is really in need of being replaced! We are therefore, going to work on an exciting project to purchase a brand new minibus! We are fortunate to have a parent in school, who works for Essex Ford, who through a scheme run for schools, can obtain a new minibus for £22,000 instead of the normal price of £36,000. This offer is for a limited time only and ends in March 2018.

This is where you can be part of our exciting plan! The PTA will kick start our fundraising, with a generous amount of £7,000 donation. We will be adding to this through sponsorship, fund raising days and any donations that we can obtain from local businesses or any individual donations.

Our intention will be to use the minibus for a whole range of pupil events. These include: Music Festivals, Athletics, Dance Festivals, Football, Netball, Forest Schools, Coastal Schools, Choir Events, School Trips and more!