Welcome to Plumberow Primary Academy

Your school is welcoming and inclusive; your pupils feel valued and are rightly proud of their school...(Ofsted - June 2018)

Week Commencing 16th July - Dinner Menu - Week 3!

(The Dinner Menu can be found here!)

The letter received from Ofsted following their Short Inspection, June 2018 can be viewed here! Previous reports can be found here!

ENGLAND!!We are all so proud of you!! ENGLAND!!!

click on the image to see how we managed it!!


More information about how we managed to replace our minibus can be found here!


Foundation Fun in Their First Few Weeks!


Welcome to Plumberow! (the Junior Leadership Team!)

Diary Dates

Diary Dates for the academic year 2017-18 can be found here

  • Mon 16th July-Hockley Sports at Plumberow
  • Tues 17th July-Yr6 Production to Grandparents-9.30am
  • Tues 17th July-Yr6 Production to Parents-7.00pm
  • Weds 18th July-Yr6 Production to Parents-7.00pm
  • Thurs 19th July-Yr6 Leavers Day (school)
  • Fri 20th July-End of Year!!

Telephone Number

01702 203741

Plumberow Primary Academy

Hamilton Gardens, Hockley, Essex,SS5 5BX