Key Personnel

Please see below for information about the Key Personnel at Pioneer School.

Leadership Team

The Leadership Team guide the strategic direction of the school and ensure efficient day to day management of the organisation. The structure of the team has been established to support excellence in all areas across all year groups. The key role of the Heads of Learning with their focus on Behaviour and Safety, Achievement and Teaching and Learning ensures that the work of the school remains on the children.


All teachers have a very detailed personal knowledge of the children they teach as well as their achievement levels and their rates of progress. They therefore tailor their teaching to the learners and children have personalised learning targets, identified in every lesson plan and assessed in each lesson to inform next steps in learning.

Classroom Support Staff

Classroom Support Staff play a key role in supporting and promoting pupils learning but also ensure personal care and medical needs are appropriately catered for. They have a detailed personal knowledge of the children they work with and are able to interpret their moods to ensure pupils emotional needs and well being are met.

Speech and Language Therapists (SaLT)

The SaLT Team have input at the school to support students who have difficulties with communication and/or eating and drinking. The team provides training for staff and parents and works alongside the school to provide a Total Communication Environment. This includes help around eating and drinking, speech, expressive and receptive language, the use of alternative means of communication (such as signing, symbols, objects of reference, etc.) and social communication skills. The school employ a further member of staff, who is trained by the Therapists, to provide ongoing support throughout the week.

Physiotherapists & Occupational Therapists

Physiotherapists and Occupational therapists work to promote the development of gross and fine motor skills, to improve functional abilities and enhance independence, through individual exercise programmes, hydrotherapy and the use of equipment. The team work with educational staff, parents and other professionals to advise on physical management and access to the curriculum for those requiring the service. The school employ a further member of staff, who is trained by the Therapists, to provide ongoing support throughout the week.

Nursing Team

The Nursing team play a vital role in ensuring students care and medical plans are appropriate and will help to assess need, in some cases, prior to admission. The Nursing Team also ensure that staff are appropriately trained to meet the medical needs of students and support Paediatrician clinics, which are held at the school.

Multi-sensory Team

The Multi-sensory Team support a small number of identified students who have profound needs or a visual or hearing impairment. The team members provide 1:1 or small group support in our specialist sensory spaces and are available to advise classroom staff.

Keyworker Team

At Pioneer School we employ staff we call Keyworkers, who work with some of our children and their families. Through the work of our Keyworkers we strive to provide families with a known contact but also to increase the breadth of support we are able to offer families.

Keyworkers offer support to families in a number of ways, for example:

Providing support in implementing learning and behaviour plans in the home setting

Helping parents to have a voice within the Annual Review process

Attending medical appointments and review meetings

Where appropriate helping to set up places in local clubs or work experience placements

Signposting families to benefit entitlements, support groups and befriending schemes for parents and children alike