Teaching & Learning

The Curriculum

At Pioneer School we take learning for life as the primary purpose and our students benefit from a person centred curriculum of a high quality, including learning in and through ICT, with teaching based on carefully selected technologies and skills-based learning. The curriculum, therefore, is defined in the broadest sense to cover social, moral, physical and educational needs with an emphasis on the development of key skills for life. Please see the individual key stages on the home page for an outline of our approach to the curriculum.


The design of the school was driven by the recognition that our students’ diverse special needs demand a personalised curriculum and high quality provision through ICT that enables them to become socially included, develop skills and lead independent lives.

The accommodation is ICT rich and includes general teaching, sports and therapy areas, sensory rooms, an indoor swimming pool with lights and sound, specialist teaching rooms such as Art, Music and Performance spaces and our state-of-the-art Immersive environment. All rooms have the latest technologies and have a great impact on the students learning, engagement and motivation.

Pioneer is also at the cutting edge of technology to support learning with the development of its Immersive Room, the first of its kind in the UK.

Within the space we are able to project images across the room to replicate a wide range of different situations, ranging from the local barber shop to under the sea, the Amazon rainforest and haunted houses. The range of possibilities is endless and enables us to give the children an experience they may never otherwise get, to creatively enhance their learning or to safely practice skills in a near lifelike setting. The room also has an interactive floor and walls which enable students to become more involved in the space and for staff to extend its learning potential.

Please click play on the link below to find out more about our state of the art immersive room.