Time to Sign

Clare & Emma - Colour, Red, Blue & Yellow Clare & Emma - Under the Sea

TTS S8 colour red blue yellow Clare and Emma.mp4
TTS S8 Under the sea.mp4

Emma & Clare - Water, Soap, Wash & Dry Clare & Emma - Spring, Tree & Flower

8 TTS S8 water soap wash dry Clare and Emma.mp4
9 TTS S8 Spring tree flower Clare and Emma.mp4

Carley, Clare & Emma - Book week, Book & Read Clare & Emma - Alien, Rocket & Astronaut

6TTS S8 book week, book + read Carley Clare and Emma.mp4
7TTS S8 alien rocket astronaut Clare and Emma.mp4

Cathy - Love & Valentines Day Clare and Emma - Flour, Eggs, Milk & Pancake

4TTS S8 Love + Valentines day Cathy.mp4
5TTS S8 flour, eggs, milk, pancake Clare and Emma.mp4

Emma - Gold, Red & Rat Emma & Clare - Toy & Teddy

2TTS S8 gold red rat clare and Emma.mp4

3TTS S8 toy + teddy Emma and Clare.mp4

Clare and Emma - Chinese new year & Dragon

1 TTS S8 chinese new year dragon Emma and Clare.mp4

Clare & Susan Post-lady and Star Stuart & Emma - King and Christmas Tree

8TTS S7 Christmas Wednesday postlady + star Clare and Susan.mp4
10TTS S7 King + Christmas tree Clare, Stuart + Emma.mp4

Fiona & Emma - Reindeer and Fairy Carley, Stuart, Jessica & Emma - Christmas Pudding, Father Christmas and Cracker

8TTS S7 Christmas - reindeer + fairy Fiona and Emma.mp4
11TTS S7 christmas pudding cracker father christmas Carley Jess Stuart.mp4

Alex - Private place - Public Place Miranda - Elf

7TTS S7 private place public place Alex.mp4
9TTS S7 Christmas Monday Elf Miranda.mp4

One world different Cultures

6TTS S7 Culture week 1 world, different cultures Mexico China Egypt Italy Africa America.mp4

Lesley - One world different cultures

Bernadette - America

Claire - Emma - China

Claire -Emma - Mexico

Stuart - Italy

Helen - Africa

Jessica - Egypt

Emma - Firework and Be Safe Emma - Today we remember

4TTS S7 firework and be safe Emma and guest.mp4
5TTS S7 Today we remember Emma.mp4

Clare - Look out and Calm Emma - Pumpkin, Witch and Ghost

2TTS S7 look out and calm Clare.mp4
3TTS S7 pumpkin, witch and ghost Emma (and guest).mp4

Carley - Bike, Water and Sand Lisa - Tidy up and Break time

TTS S6 2 Carley bike water sand.mp4
1TTS S7 tidy up + break time Lisa.mp4

Karen - Today, Yesterday Tomorrow Helen - Nurse and Doctor

TTS S5 Karen today, tomorrow, yesterday.mp4
TTS S6 1 Helen C nurse doctor.mp4

Katie - Police lady and Police man Julie - Fire fighter

TTS S5 Katie policelady police man.mp4
TTS S5 Julie firefighter.mp4

Claire - Potato and Seeds Emma - Bus and Bus Driver

TTS S5 2 Clare potato seeds grow.mp4
TTS S5 3 Emma bus bus driver.mp4

Susan - Celebration, Festival and Culture Sarah - Yellow Submarine and Live

Susan festival celebration and culture .mp4
TTS S5 1 Sarah yellow submarine + to live.mp4

Amanda - Holiday and Theme Park Megan - Witch, Cauldron and Firework

TTS S3 12 Amanda holiday + theme park.mp4
Megan witch cauldron and fireworks .mp4

Rosh - iPad, Teddy and Bear Fahima - Finished and Tree

TTS S3 11 Rosh iPad + teddy + bear.mp4
TTS S3 7 Fahima finshed + tree.mp4

Laura - Shop and Library Stuart Health Week and Exercise

TTS S3 Laura 10 shop + library.mp4
TTS S3 8 Stuart Health week exercise.mp4

Lesley - Spider and Ladybird Maria - Fruit and Vegetable

TTS S3 6 Lesley spider ladybird.mp4
TTS S3 Maria fruit + Vegetables.mp4

Jess - Garden and water play

Christina - Circus and Animal

5 Jess Garden and Waterplay.mp4
3 Christina circus, animal.mp4

Clare - Magic and Story

Vicky - Chase, Race & Hide and seek

4 Clare magic story.mp4
2 Vicky chase, race, hide and seek.mp4

David - Angel and Sky

Gill - World and Sky

Time to sign S2 9 angel sky.mp4
Gill world sky.mp4

Katie - Share and More

Emma - Push, Pull and Squeeze

Time to sign S2 7 Share more.mp4
Time to sign S2 8 push pull squeeze.mp4

Sarah - Try and Fireworks

Sarah - Choose and Which

Time to sign S2 5 try fireworks.mp4
Time to sign S2 6 choose which.mp4

Karen - Dinner and Pudding

Kat - Apple Banana and Harvest

Time to sign S2 3 dinner pudding.mp4
Time to sign S2 4 apple, banana and harvest.mp4

Leah - Same and Different

Polly - Thinking together time

Time to sign S2 1 Same different.mp4
Time to sign S2 2 Thinking together time.mp4

Charlotte - Teacher and Bus

14 Time to sign- teacher bus.mp4

Tina - Home and Birthday

Tasha - Mum and Dad

12 Time to sign- home, birthday.mp4
13 Time to sign mum dad.mp4

Carley - Next and Which

Cindy - Why, What and Where

11 Time to sign- next, which.mp4
10 Time to sign- why, what, where.mp4

Jackie - Wait and Finished

Frances - School, Friend and Who

1 Time to sign- wait finished.mp4
9 Time to sign school, friend and who.mp4

Jessica - First and Play

Julie - Help and Drink

5 Time to sign - First and Play.mp4
6 Time to sign - Help and Drink.mp4

Laura - Time and I want

7 Time to sign - Time and I want.mp4

Joanne - Good Looking - Good Listening

2 Time to sign - Good looking and Good listening (2) (1).mp4

Debbie - Happy and Sad

Cathy - Good sitting and Good speaking

8 Time to sign - Happy and Sad.mp4
3 Time to sign - Good sitting and Good speaking.mp4