Mr Richard Johnson

Head of School welcome


As a member of The Academies Enterprise Trust family of schools, our vision is to enable pupils to find their remarkable.

·         Achieving success and first-rate qualifications in the subjects they are studying.

·         Thriving in their personal, social and physical development.

·         Preparing themselves for active citizenship, today and tomorrow.

·         Benefitting from an excellent education in which they ‘find their own remarkable’ through: 

o  Being unusually brave.

o  Being big hearted.

o  Discovering what’s possible.

o  Pushing the limits.


Finding their remarkable means achieving better academically and socially than they might have imagined and being ready to engage and thrive as an adult. I am very keen that alongside this we maintain the fun that comes with learning and is a key part of the excellent education all children are entitled to.


Every member of the Greenwood team accepts their role in creating and supporting this ethos. We have high expectations of pupils in all years to work hard, both in and out of school, so that they can achieve the best. All pupils from Year 7 to Year 13 are encouraged to participate fully. This is how they find their remarkable.


Richard Johnson

Head of School


"Greenwood Academy is a caring, welcoming school. Staff take time to get to know each pupil. Leaders have created a strong community where staff and pupils look after each other. This extends beyond the school gates. Leaders have built effective links with families and the wider community. Leaders are ambitious for pupils. They want pupils to leave school with the qualifications and experiences they need to be successful. Teachers expect a lot from pupils. Pupils rise to this challenge. They are rightly proud of their work and take their studies seriously. Teachers are quick to recognise and celebrate pupils’ success. "

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