Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

"Pupils with speech, language and communication and other complex special needs in the unit make good progress in lessons."


At Charles Warren Academy all teachers are teachers of Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND). Classroom teachers are at the heart of the SEND Support System involving parents and young people at every stage. We have high aspirations for every pupil and set clear progress targets for pupils. The Special Educational Needs and Disability Co-ordinator (SENDCo) supports class teachers to ensure early identification of need, appropriate quality support and regular evaluation.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the SENDCo at CWA?

At CWA Mrs D Walker is the SENDCo and she can be contacted via email dwalker@charleswarrenacademy.org or via the office.

What is SEND Provision?

The SEND Code of Practice (2014) defines Special Educational Provision as:

Educational or training provision for children aged two or more that is additional to or different from that made generally for other children or young people of the same age by mainstream schools, maintained nursery schools, mainstream post-16 institutions or by relevant early years providers’

When we refer to a child with SEN we are not necessarily referring to a child with a disability and disabled children do not necessarily have SEN so sometimes the term SEN is used on its own.

What are the areas of Special Educational Need?

The four broad areas of need are:

  • Communication and Interaction

  • Cognition and Learning

  • Social, emotional and mental health

  • Sensory and/or physical needs

How will I know if my child needs SEN Provision?

Staff at Charles Warren Academy will use assessments and other information to make a clear analysis of pupil’s needs. Parents and pupils are at the centre of this process and will be kept fully informed at every stage. If it is agreed that the pupil will have SEN support, a support plan will be developed which will specify the impact and will be regularly reviewed with pupils and parents.

What if my child continues to make less than expected progress?

If your child continues to make less than expected progress despite appropriate plans and interventions outside specialist advice will be sought. If despite following specialist advice your child still makes less than expected progress then a request to the Local Authority for an Education, Health and Care assessment will be considered. The way that children and young people with special educational needs and disability (SEND) are supported changed on 1 September 2014. The Children and Families Act 2014 has seen the introduction of Education, Health and Care Plans and a ‘Local Offer’ for families with a child or young person with SEND. More information on the Sept 2014 Regulations can be found here: SEND Regulations 2014

What is the Local Offer?

The Local Offer is a directory of information that helps families to find and access support and, through getting families feedback on the Local Offer, will become a useful tool when considering what services need to be changed and developed. All local authorities are required to have their own local offer as part of the government’s SEND reforms. More details are available at: http://www.milton-keynes.gov.uk/schools-and-lifelong-learning/special-educational-needs/send-local-offer/further-information-on-the-send-local-offer

How does Charles Warren Academy fulfil its duty to co-operate with the Local Authority?

Charles Warren Academy co-operates with the Local Authority by producing an SEND Information Report: SEND Information Report, which includes information required by the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014. Charles Warren Academy also has an SEND Policy which is reviewed annually.

For more information please follow these link to our policies page: https://sites.google.com/aetinet.org/charles-warren-academy/statutory-information

Charles Warren Provision

Butterflies Class is a provision within our mainstream school for children with social communication needs. We have 6 places for Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2 children. The places are allocated by the Local Authority to children with an EHCP who meet the criteria. Although based in the provision, the children from Butterflies can, where appropriate, access the mainstream classrooms and playground for times when they can be successful and have timetabled sessions in the hall for PE, library and music room like any other class. We are allocated one half day a week of NHS speech and language therapist time who works alongside our school staff. Our current cohort are all PECs users at differing stages. Butterflies has its own outside area and sensory room. The environment is set up for learning through play and exploration with opportunities for intensive interaction much as a Foundation Stage classroom is. Focused 1:1 times are scheduled every day for every child. The content of each session depends on the child’s personal outcomes. The majority of our children follow the Bridging the Gap then Foundation Stage Development Matters curriculum. Some children may reach into the KS1 outcomes in some areas of their learning but planning is very much focused on developmental stage rather than age and around their personal EHCP outcomes.

SEND Policy Local Academy Arrangements 2020_21.docx
SEND Rationale for Charles Warren Academy 2020 Sept.docx
Provision Rationale (Dragonflies).docx

Take a look at our Butterflies Class page

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