School Uniform

Our children wear a uniform which consists of white polo shirt, green sweatshirts/cardigans (with school logo), grey skirt/trousers and black shoes. Boots or shoes with heels should not be worn.

KS1 children have a book bag. KS2 have a back pack. For PE all the children need a PE bag, white tee shirt and black shorts/jogging bottoms. The uniform can be ordered through the school.

In the summer the pupils may wear green and white gingham dresses or short school grey trousers.

When having swimming lessons the children will require a swimming costume and a towel.

For PE (on health and safety grounds) ALL jewelry must be removed, including studs and friendship bracelets. The taping over of earrings is no longer acceptable. If the children are wearing such items they will be asked to remove them and although we will do our best to keep them safe, we cannot take responsibility for them. It would be helpful if you show your children exactly how to remove studs for themselves. Even during normal lessons, we ask that earrings be limited to small studs for obvious safety reasons.

It is also essential that children with long hair have a hair band with which to tie their hair back and away from their eyes for all physical education. Clips are not suitable for this. Long hair which is not tied back can be dangerous in lively games activities. Head dresses can also be tied back.

Children who wear head scarves will be asked to tie these back for PE. Headscarves should be white or black.