Parents / Carers

Our Biggest Partner

The parents and carers of the Abbotswell School community are our biggest asset. Amongst the families connected with our school, there are great links and huge talents. We would love to reach out to them and network with them to include them more within our school, utilise their expertise and see how we can help them.

Parents are the first and most important educator in their children's livesl and we recognise that, providing them with a professional approach to the formal education that we provide. We try to keep the parent body informed of events and future blocks of learning. We try to respond to all queries in a timely fashion and we have an open door policy for anyone interested in being within school to help and support.

Parent Council

Our Parent Council have a Facebook Page called Abbotswell Parent Council.

They post all news coming from Groupcall / Xpressions messages, Twitter announcements and news from our regular newsletters.