Below are the planning documents used to prepare lessons for children across the Numeracy and Mathematics curriculum.

Abbotswell Numeracy and Maths Blocks for Learning.docx

Numeracy and Maths Focus Blocks

At Abbotswell School, we have divided the Individual Organisers for mathematics across the terms of the year. We have also incorporated Maths Week Scotland in term 1 and of course the numeracy outcomes that are taught throughout the year via our Big Maths approach. (See below for more information)

Click the document to the left to see our yearly rotation of organisers we will be learning about and when!

Big Maths

Big Maths is an approach to teaching number that aims to ensure that children are confident with number as they progress through school. It provides a rigorous and progressive structure and enables children to fully embed key skills and mathematical facts through engaging lesson 

This resource is mainly used between P1-P7.

Little Big Maths

Little Big Maths is a systematic and empathetic approach to supporting children in becoming numerate. It is the accumulation of years of experience, knowledge gathering and deep pedagogical thought distilled into 10 simple messages and a bunch of Progress Drives. 

This resource is used mainly in our ELC / Nursery.