Functional Life Skills Program

The Functional LIfe Skills Program serves students with moderate to severe developmental disabilities and delays in their education. Students work on alternative expectations which focus on practical daily living skills.

At St. Brother Andre, students in the FLS program are fully integrated for 3 of their 4 courses. Each semester, students in this program are congregated into a Functional Life Skills class, where the specialized and personalize curriculum features the following: 

        • functional literacy for everyday living
  • functional numeracy for everyday living
  • self-care
  • transit training
  • food and nutrition
Students also participate in a variety of program- and course -related field trips and excursions, in addition to a number YCDSB sponsored events like the Special Olympics and Bocce tournament.

In the senior grades, students in the FLS program who have demonstrated a level of readiness, will begin to participate in work-related experiences. These "placements" can take place at school or in the larger community.