2. Regions

Region Projects


The WorkAbility I regions are assigned geographically. The Region managers are responsible for providing guidance for the WorkAbility I project directors who in turn provide guidance to the local program organizations.

Regional Managers

Two WAI Regional Managers will be elected by WAI sites in their region. Regional Managers for WAI shall be official employees of the grant recipient. This position receives additional funding in their projects budget from the CDE for expenses. This additional funding is to defer costs of attending advisory meetings and regional operating costs (i.e. materials, postage, special conditions reviews)

State Responsibilities

Regional Responsibilities

Regional Accounts: Each region may maintain a separate regional budget that results from actual costs of regional meetings being less than anticipated resulting in carryover. A separate account with separate tracking is necessary which includes maintaining all receipts, invoices and expenditures.

Regional Manager, Alternates

Two Alternate Regional Managers will be elected by the WAI sites in the region and are responsible to:

Regional Executive Committees

Each region should have an executive committee comprised of regional managers, alternate regional managers, secretary, facilitators, and committee representatives. NOTE: Positions may be combined as long as essential functions are covered.