Scholarships by Month

On the following pages the Scholarships are listed alphabetical by the month they are due, such as: if a scholarship application must be submitted by October 15, the scholarship will be listed in the month of October.

If the Scholarship is in black ink it is currently available and there will either be a link or a file at the bottom of the page to click on in order to complete the application.

If the Scholarship is very light gray, then it is not currently available and there will be no link or file until it is in black ink. Please note the deadline dates, if they are past, the scholarship will be very light gray and no longer available.

READ CAREFULLY! Each scholarship information list, some are not applied for, and are chosen by either faculty and staff, administration, etc. Others are very specific and if you don't follow directions carefully you can be disqualified for the scholarship.

Last Note: We never know who will receive a scholarship and who will not, BUT if you don't apply, it is guaranteed that you won't receive it.


There are many places to search for Scholarships and Grants, especially through employers and the internet.