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  • Scout and parent contact info here.

Scout and Parent photos

Troop 186 Leadership Positions

Job descriptions for scout and adult leadership positions can be found in the Troop Handbook

Merit Badge Library and Counselors 
Here's the contents of our Merit Badge Book Library.
Here's the
list of current merit badge counselors.

Email Contacts for Troop 186
We use Google Groups for mailing to the entire troop. Mail sent to will go out to all the troop members (parents and scouts). You must be a member to send or receive troop email, go to the troop186seattle page to sign up.  Membership in this group also gives you access to the roster and other members-only parts of this website.

You can get email addresses for individuals from the roster above. Note that having your email in the roster isn't the same thing as having it in the google group, those databases are managed separately (one at Google, the other in TroopMaster).

Photo Posting (Flickr) Instructions
learn how to get your photos onto the website here