Troop 186 has at least one outing every month during the school year. The Outings ASM coordinates the outings schedule, but each outing is run by a different Tripmaster (being a Tripmaster is an excellent yet small-commitment way to contribute to the troop, learn more here: How To Be A T186 Tripmaster).

Scroll down for some basic information on how a typical T186 weekend outing plays out.

Upcoming and Recent Outings

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Pick "Signups" from the menu on your left to sign up for outings.  (Don't see that in the menu?  Then you need to sign in.)

Here are lists of what should be in: each patrol boxthe troop's first aid kit,the troop's 50 Miler first aid kit, and the Quartermaster's inventory.

During the summer, typically a week in July or early August, the troop attends the Boy Scout Camp Parsons on the Olympic peninsula.  The date for this is typically known more than a year in advance, so check the troop calendar and plan around it!

Also in the summer, one or two 50-miler trips are undertaken. These trips may be hikes, canoeing, or kayaking. Some reports from previous 50-miles are linked below.

A typical weekend outing starts with a scout signing up online well in advance (some trips are more structured than others, and require more or less advance headcount precision).  A few parents are typically needed for driving purposes, so they sign up too, but during the outing the scouts generally are set up off on their own with only the Scoutmaster checking in on them (a Scout led troop can't function properly with parents constantly interceding).  We usually meet up at the U-Village Safeway the morning of heading out, to get Scouts and their gear sorted into whichever vehicles are making the trip (we track the number of available seats with the online signup sheet, but we don't plan much beyond that).  Food buying (and $$) is handled by the scouts at the patrol level (ad hoc patrols may be formed if turnout is light).   Car camping "patrol boxes" are issued to each patrol leader for group cooking gear - tents, sleeping bags, backpacks etc are all personal gear items (who tents with who is up to the scouts, and best arranged ahead of time, though it always seems to work out).  Gas money for the drivers is traditional, amount depends on distance and is usually part of the info included in the flyer for the outing, and/or email messages beforehand.  Return trip may end at Safeway, or with scouts being dropped at home, or possibly being picked up at the driver's house.  Scouts just need to let their parents know the return plan as it forms up, which is usually on the ride home.



Information on How to be the T186 Outings ASM

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