Just for Fun!

Hobbies & Sports

Birdwatching - Birdwatching Dot Com is about wild birds and the sport of birding.

Chilton Library - manuals for maintenance and repair of automobiles.

Eipcurious - Find recipes, menus, food guides, and articles.

Movies and TV

All Movie - Resource for figuring out the name of that movie that you saw that one time, but don't really remember.

IMDB - The premier source for figuring why that actor looks so familiar

Time Wasters

Anonymous Message Server - Internet graffiti. Leave a message for the person that visits after you.

Akinator the Web Genius - Guessing genie tries to guess the book character you are thinking of!

Lee's (Useless) Superhero Generator - Nail down all of those pesky details about your life as a super-hero

Pointless Sites - This is a site with a list of thousands of pointless sites to alleviate your boredom

Random.com - A page with a bunch of links to other random things

Shakespearean Insulter - generates Shakespearean insults (with citations)!

Trivial Knowledge

CIA UFO Guide - All of the (declassified) information that the CIA has collected on UFOs since the 1940's.

Encyclopedia Titanica - Everything you ever wanted to know about the HMS Titanic but were too afraid to ask!

Last Word - Scientific explanations for things you have never wondered about.

Mr. Smarty Pants Knows - Generates random facts for your enjoyment