Electronic Resources

Below is a list of reference sources that could be useful for patrons researching a wide variety of areas. Some are serious, and some are silly, but they all enrich our lives.

Happy researching!

Almanacs, Directories, and Yearbooks

An almanac is an annual calendar containing important dates and statistical information. Directories contain contact information for people, businesses, or organizations. A yearbook is an annual publication giving current information and listing events from the previous year in a specific field.


A book or a website that lists words (typically in alphabetical order) and gives their meanings, or gives the equivalent words in a different language. Dictionaries also provide information about pronunciation, origin, and usage of words.

Employment Resources

Online sites to aid in your job search.


A book, set of books or website that gives information on many aspects of one subject.

Geographical Information

This includes maps and map databases, charts, and atlases.


These are free sites to help you shake your family tree.

Government and Utilities

Links to local government offices and utilities.

Historical Resources

Sites that have contain both primary and secondary sources.

Just For Kids

These links are for reference pages that are designed for use by kids.

Just for Fun

These links are for sites that are very serious about subjects that we typically do not take that seriously.

Online Services

These services are offered free of charge via the internet.

Other Libraries

We admit that we are not the biggest, so here are some links to some of the biggest and the best.

Overdrive for Tarkington School Students

Free downloadable e-books! Access with your student ID number.