Acronym Server - (Formally Internet Acronym Server) 

English Language Dictionaries


Merriam Webster Dictionary

Oxford English Dictionary

Juvenile Dictionaries

Little Explorer's Picture Dictionary - Picture dictionary targeting kids.  This site offers services in multiple languages, including Spanish and German!

Language/Translation Dictionaries

American Sign Language Dictionary - Contains ASL terms to help those trying to communicate with a person who signs but does not hear. 

Logos - Especially great for students, this online dictionary offers conjugations and resources for children and adults.    

Google Translate

Travelang's Translating Dictionaries - More than a dictionary, this site has information about travel, customs and even a currency     


Specialty Dictionaries

Everyone's Legal Glossary - Plain-English definitions to legal terms.

Medline Medical Dictionary - Dictionary of medical terms.

Rhyming Dictionary - For when you are trying to compose that perfect rhyming couplet.

Urban Dictionary - Free online dictionary of current slang.  CAUTION!!!!! This site contains some material that may inappropriate for younger users 


Tech Dictionaries

Free Online Dictionary of Computing - A computing dictionary that includes acronyms, jargon, programming languages, tools, standards, operating systems and histories.

NetLingo - Online dictionary of internet terms, acronyms and text-messaging speak