SmartOI Terminal Simulator

SmartOI Terminal is a simulator s/w running on MS Windows environment to simulate terminal’s behavior in EMV chip card transactions. SmartOI Terminal is an example of EMV application kernel and developed on the basis of SmartOI L2 Core & Kernel. IFM interface is available through PC/SC reader.


  • easily set configuration to test chip card.

  • automatic online interface with SmartOI Host simulator.

  • show terminal behavior in detail for EMV transaction.

  • simulate terminal behavior.

    • support any kind of terminal type

    • support all CVM

    • support all ODA methods (SDA, DDA, CDA)

    • support configurable AIDs list for application selection

    • support configurable CAPKs, RID and CAPK Index, Revocation List, and Default DDOL for ODA

Simulation prerequisites

  • SmartOI Host simulator for online simulation.

  • TCP/IP Ethernet connection to communicate with SmartOI Host simulator.

  • PC/SC reader for IFM interface.

  • ICC to be tested.

Available configurations

    • Terminal

      • Terminal Type

      • Terminal Country Code

      • Transaction Currency Code

      • Terminal Capabilities

      • Additional Terminal Capabilities

      • Other values

    • Application Selection

      • Support PSE selection method

      • Application ID

    • Offline Data Authentication

      • Certificate Authority Public Key

      • RID & CAPK index

      • Revocation list

      • Default DDOL

    • Card-holder Verification

      • PIN pad status

    • Terminal Risk Management

      • TRM values

      • Exception file

    • Terminal Action Analysis

      • TAC Denial/Online/Default

    • Completion Processing

      • Default TDOL

Expected Effects

    • For EMV chip card issuers, simulating chip card running on terminal with issuer’s response can be very helpful to verify it before issuing.

  • For EMV solution providers, SmartOI s/w series may give synergy to customers or themselves with their solutions.

  • For terminal vendors who need EMV level 2 solution, SmartOI s/w series can be a guideline to implement it on their terminals.

  • For everyone who is interested in EMV, SmartOI s/w series can be very helpful to study EMV specifications.