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SmartOI Host

  • Implement your own security logic by yourself !

  • Verify your own security logic before issuing EMV chip-card !

  • Welcome to SmartOI Host !


      User friendly GUI (overview)
      • Environment & Analysis bar with floating, docking, auto hide, and hide functionality
      • Grid tree to represent hierarchical transaction flow

      Simple & easy to use
      • Configure testing environment
      • Set testing environment
      • Run & Analyze

      Real Host Simulation
      • Support 4 running modes such as Manual, Internal Logic, User Logic, and Test Script
        • User can choose any mode easily to meet their testing purpose
        • Manual
          • use predefined values as host response
        • Internal Logic
          • support real host simulation for Visa CVN '0A'
        • User Logic
          • support real host simulation based on the implemention by user themselves
          • support interface with script engines such as Javascript and VBScript
            • user can easily/powerfully implement any kind of their own security logic in script language
          • provide sufficient Host Gateway APIs
            • user can easily interface with SmartOI Host
            • support cryptogram algorithms by default which are needed for host side security
              • DES, Triple DES, and AES in ECB and CBC mode
        • Test Script
          • provide a way to test user's implementation before applying them into User Logic
      • Simple setting of response message for the Financial Request message from SmartOI Terminal
      • View details of all request/response messages from/to SmartOI Terminal

      Show details of transaction in categorized mode
      • View - shows details of host's service behavior
      • Analysis Bar - shows more detailed analysis for the selected data in View.

      Hierarchical tree structured display
      • Hierarchical tree structured representation helps you to understand host's behavior more easily

      Stable, robust, reliable, and well-refined L2 Kernel module
      • The EMV L2 kernel module used in SmartOI Host was Type Approved in 2003 first, and has been updated continuously through several Type Approval tests and internal efforts by now.
      • Actually, SmartOI Host does not use most of the functionality of L2 kernel module, but just use several functionality in it for its behavior.

      Version History
      • V2.1.0 released at Dec. 17 2013
        • EMV specification updates
      • V2.0.0 released at Aug. 1 2013
        • new GUI
        • applied new communication protocol with SmartOI Terminal V2.0.0
          • does not allow to interface with all previous versions of SmartOI Terminal before V2.0.0
        • support easy and powerful method to implement/test/verify any kind of user's own security logic
        • support 4 separate running modes
          • Manual
          • Internal Logic
          • User Logic
          • Test Script
      • V1.1.0 released at Sep. 3 2012
        • support Real Host Simulation for Visa CVN 10('0A')
          • Verifying ARQC
          • Generating ARPC
          • Secure Messaging
            • Application Block/Unblock
            • PIN Change/Unblock
            • Card Block
      • V1.0.0 released at Feb. 4 2012


      Please download a trial-version of SmartOI Host V2.1.0.