SmartOI Host Simulator

SmartOI Host is a simulator running on MS Windows environment to simulate host's behavior in EMV chip card transaction. You can easily set issuer’s response data such as Authorization Response Code, Issuer Authentication Data, and Issuer Scripts to meet your testing purpose and simulate actions by issuer/acquirer in EMV chip card transaction. And you can powerfully implement your own security policy to test/verify your chip card before issuing it.


  • simulate host/acquirer behavior.

  • easily set host/acquirer's response data.

  • provide an easy and powerful way to implement user's own security policy.

  • Real Host Simulation

    • Internal Logic

    • User Logic since SmartOI Host V2.0.0

      • support real host simulation based on the implementation by user

      • support interface with script engines such as Javascript and VBScript

        • user can easily and powerfully implement any kind of their own security logic in script language

      • provide sufficient Host Gateway APIs

        • user can easily interface with SmartOI Host

        • support cryptogram algorithms by default which are needed for host side security

Simulation prerequisites

Available configurations

    • Data Element list needed to calculate cryptogram

      • If you want to have any other data elements other than basically provided, you can set it to be transmitted in the Financial Request message from SmartOI Terminal.

    • Manual response

      • Predefined values of host response such as ARC, IAD, and IS

    • Key Set

      • key set consisting of Issuer Master Key for AC, MAC, and ENC

      • key set for cryptogram algorithms such as DES, Triple DES, and AES

    • Option

Expected Effects

    • For EMV chip card issuers, simulating chip card running on terminal with issuer’s response can be very helpful to verify it before issuing.

  • For EMV solution providers, SmartOI s/w series may give synergy to customers or themselves with their solutions.

  • For terminal vendors who need EMV level 2 solution, SmartOI s/w series can be a guideline to implement it on their terminals.

  • For everyone who is interested in EMV, SmartOI s/w series can be very helpful to study EMV specifications.