download SmartOI demo RSA_SHA1 v1.00

SmartOI DEMO RSA_SHA1 v1.00


  • provide txt file you can add/modify/delete RSA public keys you want to use

  • decrypt data(such as certificates in EMV) encrypted by RSA private key

  • verify checksum of public key registered in txt file

  • calculate checksum for any source data

Attachments description

  • SmartOI Demo RSA_SHA1

      • SmartOI_DEMO_RSA_SHA1_1.00.exe

      • Sample CAPKs.txt

        • You can edit txt file with CAPKs you are using.

        • Please refer "Sample CAPKs.txt" first before using application.

      • DLLs

        • BCGCBPRO100.dll - DLL for GUI

        • MFC DLLs (mfc42.dll, MFC42D.DLL, MFCD42D.DLL, MFCN42D.DLL, MFCO42D.DLL, msvcp60.dll, MSVCP60D.DLL, msvcrt.dll, MSVCRTD.DLL)

    • No Manuals provided ... Not difficult to use.