1: AVIDPAY: VIRTUAL MASTERCARD (you have to be able to accept Master card for this, Visa is not available)

To set this up, email or call 704-971-8170 ext. 1.

FEES: None, but your MasterCard company may charge you

You must process the payment within 10 days. Cards not processed within this time frame are subject to follow-up Avid payments team and/or converted to a paper check to ensure timely payment.

2: AVIDPAY DIRECT: ACH (Payments made to your bank checking account)

To set this up, email or call 704-971-8170 ext. 1.


Payments less than $10,000: $1.55% of the payment amount.

Payments $10,000 or more: $1.05% of the payment amount. (MAX FEE $263.50 regardless of payment amount)

Within 3 days of payment approval, you will receive the payment along with an email detailing the invoices being paid with the deposit. Two business days, after this initial deposit, the fee for above will be debited from your account and includes a remittance email dictating what payment(s) the fee debit corresponds to for their records.


We will email you a check you can print out and deposit to your bank account right away.

FEES: None


Sent by United States Postal Service (USPS). This is the slowest method

FEES: None