1: California forbids discrimination based any of the attached "PROTECTED CLASSES."

2: A landlord may be sued by the tenant or face an action by a government agency if they discriminate including fines up to

$1,000,000 or more. See FAIR HOUSING for details.

See also FAIR HOUSING from an attorney regarding discrimination lawsuits.

3: Many landlord homeowners insurance policies exclude such discrimination claims meaning that might have to pay your own

legal bills or allow you to pay extra to include these claims. I recommend you check with your insurance agent/broker for

more information.

4: In order to reduce your risk relating to discrimination problems, we have developed policies that have been approved by

Kimball, Tirey and St John, California landlord-tenant attorneys.

5: We choose the first prospect that meets our criteria and do not go for the best applicant of a group

(see Attorney (KTS) recommends against "batching" of applications)

6: Property owners are allowed to choose between Gold or Silver screening standard see COMPARISONS

7: Owners may change between Gold or Silver with 2 days notice by emailing but cannot pick and choose among applicants based on your own criteria because this would increase your risk of a discrimination claim being made against you and would conflict SDCPM policies that are transparent to applicants who are either approved

or rejected on a first come first served basis. All prospects must be treated the same way and all must be offered the same terms, rent etc

8: If you have a prospect you just want us to rent to without doing screening, whilst we do not recommend it we will allow it and

will prepare the rental agreement for the proposed prospect.

9: We require prospective renters to be able to move in within 30 days from the date we advertise as the available date.

We allow 30 days because many prospect renters have to give "Notice to vacate" to their current landlord or have other reasons they cannot move in on the available date and would not apply to rent your property if it was required for them to move in sooner so that it helps us find a new tenant for you.

10: Owners may choose to not allow Section 8 tenants, see SECTION 8: PRO's AND CON'S and those with pets


11: For "Gold" properties, we set the maximum # of occupants to be twice the number of bedrooms plus one

(as per advised by our attorney who states "DFEH (our state fair housing enforcing agency)

uses a guideline of at least two persons per bedroom plus one additional person for the unit. So anything that is less than

that is subject to fair housing scrutiny and could subject you and the owner to potential liability."



14: Once we have started marketing a unit to rent we will not raise the rent during the marketing period

15. We do not do criminal background checks as our attorney advised us not to .See LINK and 2016 UPDATE

for more information , and CRIME DATABASE

16.If you want to get a copy of a rental application for your records, please email request to and include the

name of the applicant. Please do not share it with anyone else without prior approval from SDPCM to protect the privacy

of the applicant.

17: Co-Signers

18: If after the tenants move in, one or more, move out, but at least one remain then we cannot require the remaining one to

qualify on their own (ie proof to us they have enough income)

19: Roommate changes after the tenant moves in

20: We check national eviction database as well as Trans Union credit reports. Evictions done over 7 years ago will not appear

See more about eviction records at AB 2819