One of the reasons a landlord can give a "Just Cause" eviction is to

"To make corrections of violations after having obtained all necessary permits from the City of San Diego when removal of the tenant is reasonably necessary to accomplish the repair or construction work.

Our attorney advised that it is not necessary that an official code violation is first received from Code Enforcement or that permits are needed to do the work, only that you have violations that require the tenants to move out in order to take care of them.

Also, they wrote "Under the Just Cause Ordinance, you may serve a 60-day notice for “Correction of Violations”. This applies to necessary repair or construction work that requires the tenant to vacate. The repairs/construction must go beyond cosmetic work. It requires you to specify in the notice exactly what work is being done, and why it requires the tenant to vacate. Also, you would need to show permits (if required) and/or construction bids should it proceed to trial. The court wants to see that the work being done goes beyond you simply temporarily relocating the tenant."