GENERAL POLICIES FOR ALL  TM


           0: How can I try to  quickly find a policy ?

              Use the Find function (hit the ctrl key+f) and then enter a keyword related to it 

          1: Where do I find other policy short URLs  for SDCPM ?

                /a=accounting, a.sdcpm.net

                  /ap= Accounts payable, bills , invoices etc ap.sdcpm.net

                  /ar=Accounts receivable, (rent due from tenant's etc) ar.sdcpm.net

                  /c=customer service, *ic.sdcpm.net) 

                  /m=maintenance, (ie m.sdcpm.net) 

                  /meld=Meld meld.sdcpm.net

                  /mk=marketing (ie mk.sdcpm.net)

                  /rm= Rent manager rm.sdcpm.net

            1.1 How do I get a list of ALL short URLs for SDCPM?

                  Follow short.sdcpm.net    

            1.11  What does “In writing “ mean ?

                    It means any communication in written form such as email, SMS (text message) ,WA, Meld message, sent via USPS, 

                     All written and verbal communication should be added to RM ticket  or  Meld message so that it is kept in one place

                     for all TM’s to have access to.


           1.2 Owner contradicts an SDCPM policy?

If an owner contradicts or wants us to skip or alter any SDCPM policy, then you need to ask JB about it. Do this in the most pertinent ticket that somehow relates to this issue. For example: If the Owner wants us to let a new tenant move in without having provided a Renter’s Insurance, then you need to let JB know about this in the TCT under F: “7/28 JB/CS2 Owner wants the tenant to move-in without having provided the Renter’s Insurance. Owner says that the tenant can provide it after they move-in. Is this ok as per 1.2 /g?”

             2. How do I find what an abbreviation/acronym used in an SDCPM policy means ?

                  A: Follow abr.sdcpm.net     

                  B: Do not use them with non TM’s unless the abbreviation is commonly used already    

             3 . What should I do when I start work each day ?

                     A: Login to Time Doctor, and Rent Manager

                     B: Click on your Google chat (this will then enable the “Green “ icon to appear so that JB and others know you are  

                         online Follow notes.sdcpm.net You do not need to let JB know by chat that you have started work

              4.  How do I check if there is a system wide problem with Google gmail , chat etc?

                  Follow  https://www.google.com/appsstatus#hl=en&v=status

             4.5 What should I do if I have a general Google problem or using a Google app(eg gmail) 

                     Follow google-prob.sdcpm.net


             5: Should I send anything that mentions  the SDCPM address of 7853 EL Cajon Blvd ?

                  No , Follow info.sdcpm.net


            6: What should I do if I know I will not be available to work on my  normal schedule?

                 A: Add a note in the SDPM shared calendar at LINK on the date and times you will not be be working, using the only  

                     Words  “Not working “ and your TM initials



               B: Do not add any other explanation, such as “doctor” etc why you are not working and do not let JB know what you 

                   added by chat 

                  See example below,when CS2 is not working the entire day


               If you will not be working for a specific time window (eg 1pm to 3pm)  fill in the block of time on that window in the 



           6.1 What should I do if I start work late or finish early, are delayed, or will be unavailable for 

               a specific part of the day?


                Send a WA to the “SDCPM “ group letting everyone know when you will not be available and when at the 

               latest, you  expect to be available. Do NOT GIVE  the reason why 

               For example “I will arrive by 3pm today” 

              If you are not sure of what the latest time will be, just say you may not be in at all today.

Please do not add if you can be in “sooner if possible”. 


              NOTE This is NOT needed if you already added to the Google Calendar as in 6 above on a previous day

              Do not mention that your RM “Seat” eg SDM-2 will be available 


           6.5 For Time Doctor users , when do I need JB prior approval?

                  A: To  work more than 40 hours in any  Monday to Sunday period? 

                  B: To  work on  weekends

                  C: To work before 7am or after 7pm                

                  D:  if you need to chat with SS before your scheduled start time, no approval is needed by JB


             7: What should I do if someone mentions in one Meld or ticket about an issue that I know is already being dealt within another Meld or ticket ?

                   A: Add the applicable note to the corresponding other Meld(s) or Ticket#’s so as to keep the communication in the correct place 

                   B : Add in the original TK or Meld the corresponding TK or Meld # that you added in A above 

          8: Someone asked me to find out why a T/O/V/TM did something , what should I do ?

                Ask them and let the person who asked you know what answer you got  

             9: What days does SDCPM not work ?

                   Unless otherwise agreed, see info.sdcpm.net


          10: Should I ask JB a question, or make a request etc, via email or chat   

               A:   No ,( unless JB told you to in the TK or Meld or whote there MCHAT, in which case see C below,) but just add it in the Meld or TK

                     (making sure to follow dont.sdcpm.net as applicable). This is to reduce the # of unneeded interruptions.

                     If you do not know what TK or Meld to use, add it in your “Control” TK or Meld URL as per who.sdcpm.net under column “Control ... “  

               B:   If you think JB needs to check the Meld or TK today,  let JB know why , always quoting the SN NN if applicable and TK# 

                       or the Meld URL# ,  (note inspection related Melds should never be

                     For example 

                     “please check today F4 T33322,  as T is very upset and cannot wait any more”


               C:  If JB did  tell you to let him know by chat, then add the phrase “WAXX” in your chat message,  so that he will then know  that he

                      requested you to let him know by chat once you had updated the TK or Meld and give him the TK or Meld#. 

                     Do not give the full ticket or Meld description 

                     For example

                     ”33442 WAXX”

                     “Meld# TPX#ZW WAXX 



               D: If you do not know what TK or Meld to a

                   For example “T33321U WAXX “

             10.1 If JB asks me a question in TK or Meld what should I do ?

                     Answer it by giving the policy URL including the specific text  or checklist including the checklist name, checklist item name and 

                     text of that checklist item that you followed (see also as needed dont.sdcpm.net)


            11:  A Policy or a checklist item is not clear to me,or I am unsure about it  , what should I do  ?

                        A:  Let JB know (if JB is not your supervisor, to ask your supervisor) the specific short URL name  and line item # and full text , 

                             OR checklist name and item #  and full text of that item  that is not clear AND

                        B:  Explain to JB what is not clear and what clarification you need

                        C:  If you think that the policy is OLD/OUTDATED, let JB know the date the Google doc was last updated (You can see it in "File 

                              - Version History")

            12:  I think a policy or checklist item is wrong and that it should say something else , what should I do ?

                      Add a note in the ticket or Meld  why 

                      For example:  "ownernew@ 2B may be wrong where it says, "6 " and I think it should say "18" because policy ownerold@ also

                      refers   to 18. Please  let me know if I am correct or not and if so why."


             13:  NA

               14: How do I find the actual URL for the short form  of /XXXX

                      Go to  s.sdcpm.com/xxx. For example /m = m.sdcpm.net


         15.3 When should I ask JB by chat for status on my Wise.com  payment ?

                   If after 2pm the weekday following the day you did 15 above I did not get an email from Wise providing me the status on my        payment  



         15.4 When should I ask JB by chat for status on my Moneygram.com  payment ?

                 If after 2pm  three  weekdays following the day you did 15 above , the money did not arrive in your account 


           16:  A policy needs to be updated by JB , what should I provide JB ?         

                Give JB the full policy short URL AND  specific line item #’s and all the specific text  

           17:If JB asks me to create/edit  a Google doc for a policy, what should I do ?

                    Follow gdoc.sdcpm.net 

          20: What format should I use when entering a dollar amount over $999  ?

                  Use example $3,233 and not $3233, ie add a comma between the thousands and hundreds

    21: JB asked me to explain how or why/or how I did/process something/what the  policy is ,what should I do? 

                  A: For URL based policies , provide the domain ,line item # (if any ) and the full text of that line item

                          For example  JB\AC I followed  3/revisedrent which says “ Change the rent to that agreed by O” 

                          In the above example this means JB will follow step 3 of s.sdcpm.com/reviserent

                          1: Do not provide the policy that V or O use, but use the one for TM use

                           2:  If the URL includes the word “old” eg “/ap_old” it is referring to an old policy so provide the current one instead  

            3. If you cannot find the policy to provide the URL if known to JB

                     B: For checklist based policies provide the checklist name , checklist item # and full text of that item

                         For example JB\AC I followed checklist “END OF VENDOR” item “ V Died “ which says “ if V died then make then inactive in RM”


        C. i YOU CAN’

                     D. If someone asks “why “ did not do something , what should I do  ?

                          Start your answer with “I did not......”        

                          For example, if asked “why did I not email Fred”

                          “I did not answer Fred because I did not have his email address”

E: if you are not sure which "COT" ie customer office teamember" for example which COT should process the RA-V for a specific property , to use the assignment showing in   www.mot.sdcpm.net

            22: I need help processing something or/and answering a question,need to ask another team member (TM) a question , or questions re changing RM/Meld  permissions, tabs etc. Who do I contact?

                      A:  Provide your supervisor with the question and assign the N and SN  to them or add their Meld tag

                      B: If the supervisor knows the answer they should add it to the TK /Meld and then assign the N/SN back to you 

                      C: If the supervisor does NOT know the answer, the supervisor should add the question for JB and assign  the N/SS to JB or Meld

                      D: If urgent for JB , send JB a WA Message with the TK# /Meld URL


              22.1 Should I tell another TM something just for their information ,without asking a question/ making a request

                    Or suggestions etc ?

                      No . 

            23: JB Sent me a reminder in WA for a specific TK# or Meld #, what should I do?s

                     A:   Process that TK or Meld .Note the TK or Meld may not have been assigned to you by JB in which case JB is just reminding you

                          to take care of the TK or Meld right away as it is past due .

                     B:  Let JB know once the TK or Meld is processed by adding as in the examples below a WA message to JB

                           T44439U    or  TX3SS1 U       

                    C:  Do not provide details in the chat about the TK or Meld , just do as in step 2 above     

            23:1 What form of WA messages should I send to another TM ?

                   Use text format and not voice. This is because text is searchable but voice is not          


             23:2 What does adding “w” (lowercase “w”) mean if added after a SN number at the top of the title of a NN?

Adding the letter "w" in lower case to the title of the ticket eg "11w,13w, 15 CS2" would mean that in case of 11w and 13w CS2 is waiting/ following up with someone else or that it is a task that will take days or weeks to complete, while #15 can be completed and assigned to another TM while still working on 11w and 13w.

            24:  Someone asked me to find out why a T/O/V/TM did something , what should I do ?

                     If you cannot answer a question/request from someone to let them person know that you do not know the answer but will find 

                     out and let them know and thank them for their patience, and then for the processor to get the answer from their supervisor, 

                     assuming they already followed 21g


           25: Should I ask JB by chat if he has time to talk by phone ?

                   No, just call him

           25.1 If I call anyone and they do not answer should I always leave a voicemail message letting them know I

               called and what it was about and a good time to call me back ?


          26: When should I follow up with someone  ?

                  A: If the policy or checklist requires you to do so

                  B: If you asked a question or made a request

                  C: If JB told you to

          27: What should I do if I need to follow up with someone ? 

         28 : A new vendor is offering their services, wants to work for  SDCPM. What should I do ?

                 Ask them to follow s.sdcpm.com/vendor and for them to  follow up once done with ac@sdcpm.com

         29: Who are the SDCPM TM’s and what  is their contact info, what do they do etc ?

                Follow who.sdcpm.net

         30: The link to a URL I was provided is broken, does not work, what should I do ?

                 Let JB know the error message you got and for what URL you are referring to  


        31: JB asked me to provide a short URL. What should I do ?

             Always refer to the short URL (and create one if needed first) but if the URL is on the sdcpm website to first 

               create a GD , and then a short URL for that new GD and then refer to the short URL    

             For example s.sdcpm.com/meld  , you have to provide JB “/meld”


        32: When I call someone I just get their voice mail , what should I say on the message I leave them ?

               A: Give them your name, phone # and extension and ask them to call you back 

                 B: .If you are returning their call let them  know that too

                 C: If you can answer their previous question , do so on your message

                 D: If JB asked you to call them to find out what they want, let them know that I asked you to call them 

                      Back to try to answer their concerns 

                  E: If you keep playing “phone tag” with them , provide them by phone and text 3 times that you will answer their calls

                      And then keep those times open and also ask them for 3 times that work for them for you to call them back 

                   F : Update in an applicable TO or Meld what you did above 

          33: I need to provide proof of ownership or a title profile  of a specific property 

                 A: Go to the PCT under note name “MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT /PROFILE” and find it there as an attachment 

                 B: If it is not there get it from below which are the Lastpass.com names   and also process profile2.sdcpm.net        

                      1: Chicago Title  (keep the 1st page of the profile)             OR 

                      2 Stewart Title (keep the “property basis” 1 page only) 

                  C:  If you cannot find the profile by searching from the address

                        Try searching by the owner's name  or APN# 9 See PT tab “TAX ID /APN#/PARCEL#” 

                   D:  If you still cannot find it, assign it to JB.

         34 : I am filling out a form for SDPM or SDCPM , where can I get general answers ?

                  Follow forms.sdcpm.net


        35:  I need to provide an email address for an SDCPM document to be signed, what should I use ?

               jbss@sdcpm.com (Unless a checklist or policy requires a different one) 

        36:   I need to attach a file to RM or Meld, what file name format should I use ?



         36.1   I need to process a document, what should I do ?

                   Follow doc.sdcpm.net



        37:  KTS wants to answer my question , what should I do ?

                A: Let JB know in the applicable TK, what KTS want to charge and why

                B: If JB approves the charge in the TK 

                     1: Let KTS know the charge is approved

                     2: Follow KTS directions

                     3: Explain to O what the charge will be and why 


     38:  What terms should I use to explain the method of communication used ?

            TEXT(SMS)  MESSAGE  USING  RM’s “TMC” : Text(TMC)

           TEXT(SMS) MESSAGE NOT USING RM’s  “TMC”:  Text (not TMC)

           For example someone sends you a SMS/Text message directly to your cell phone   

          PHONE CALL: Phone

           EMAIL: Email   

           USPS MAIL : Mail

           USPS CERTIFIED MAIL : Certified Mail

           MELD CHAT :  Meld Chat

           DIFFE CHATBOT : Diffe.rent Chat via SDCPM bot on SDCPM web page

           WA: WhatsApp Chat





    40: If a TM tells you by chat “U” what TK or Meld# are they referring to ?

          The most recent one you mentioned in your chat to them 

   41: JB asked you to follow a policy . Do I just need to do this in future ?

           No , due it now  AND in the future too , unless JB said to follow it in the future in which case do that only 

   42: Lastpass login does not work , what should I do ?

          Verify you used the correct User name showing in LP and if you did let JB know what error you got 


42b: How do I use Lastpass on my Android phone ?

            A: Follow LINK

              B: For more help email support@lastpass.com 

42c : My Master Lastpass password no longer works , what should I do ?

A: Check that I did not get an email from Lastpass asking me to verify a new location as in the example below

Login attempt blocked


Someone just used your master password to try to log in to your account from a device or location we didn't recognize. LastPass blocked this attempt, but you should take a closer look.

Was this you?

Account cs6@sdcpm.com

Time Tuesday, September 21, 2021 at 3:53 PM EST

Location El Dorado, BCS 2282, MEXICO

IP address

Yes, it was me

Verify new device or location

No, it wasn't me


           Ask my supervisor to try to log in as me and if they fails for them to provide via chat JB a screenshot of the error message they got

   42d: What is a URL  to ask Lastpass to support a question ?


    42e: What is Lastpass main policy ?



    43e: What does “ALL OFFICE” mean on a name in LastPass?

              It means that all SDCPM TM have access to it 

   43: How do  I create/delete/modify a short URL or find where it is coming from ?

           For example, to create s.sdcpm.com/running

            Follow short-url.sdcpm.net 

44: NA


        46: Should I email JB a question  ?

             No ,please add it to the applicable TK or Meld only 

    47: JB asked me via email/chat to provide the TK# & note name , or Meld# , should I chat/email him a question?

           No, just reply as in the example below

           C5/ T33343         OR

           Meld T3PZ29

    48. How should I name a document I upload into a TK or Meld 

         Include in the following order, the date you uploaded it first,  the name of the V/O/T or other, any amount showing  

         on the document, and any related check# or/and reference # mentioned,plus summary description of the document

        For example “Dec 23rd 2023 KTS $350 check# 22312,ref A33911, estimate for legal services re assistive animals”


  49:  Should I assign JB a Meld or TK just to let him know I am following up with someone

          No , unless JB specifically asked you to. Just let JB know once you completed the follow up and got the answer you needed

          Keep the TK note /sub-note  or Meld assigned to you until done so as to remind you to follow up  


  50: What should I do if JB makes a verbal /chat request /question etc ?

          A: Add a note of the date and method of  communication(eg phone, TMC, SMS, Chat, Whatsapp etc)  in the applicable TK or Meld so we 

              can keep track of what was said             

          B: Follow those  any instruction or answer question you were given 


  50.1 What should I do if JB asks me why an O, T , TM,or V did something , what should I do ?

         If you don't know why , ask the applicable O,T ,TM or V as showing in the T or Meld 

    51: A T or V said a TM or V or O was rude, unprofessional etc, what should I do ?

          A: Get the details of what was said , on what date etc

          B: Thanks the accuser for their feedback and let them know we are very sorry this occurred and we will investigate and get back to them

          C: Find out from the accused if they agree or not with what they are accused of

          D: Update A and B in the applicable TK (use the “OTHER” note )  or Meld and let JB know 

 52  : If a policy or checklist gives me an example of how to do something should I share that same example with a client?

          No . Use the example to help you understand what to do  . You will need to let the client know what applies in their specific situation        

 53:  Should I ever delete any attachments , or notes or emails in RM, Meld, Gmail etc 

          No ,unless specifically told to in writing by JB 

54: How can I change a policy from one on the SDCPM website to a Google Doc format ?

     A: Rename the SDCPM one to include_old at the end of the short URL name

     B: Recreate the original URL name as a google doc and follow step 17 above 

     C: Copy the text and images from the SDCPM one to the Google Doc and follow 2 of gdoc.sdcpm.net

     D: Let JB know once done

    For example if JB asks you  to change s.sdcpm.com/brown to Google Doc then 

     A: Rename s.sdcpm.com/brown to s.sdcpm.com/brown_old

     B: Create s.sdcpm.com/brown as new Google Doc

    C: Copy the text  and images in s.sdcpm.com/brown_old to s.sdcpm.com/brown

    D: Let JB know once done 

54.1: Should I follow a policy whose short URL includes the word “old”?

        No, as normally such policies are for old, obsolete ones that have been replaced

 55: A client finds Meld confusing , what should I do ?

      Let JB know what exactly they find confusing and why and provide examples in detail 

56: What should I do if a client's VM is full so I cannot leave a message ?

     A: Try the next business day

     B: If there is a Meld relating to that call, send them a Meld message that you tried calling them but their voice mail was full and also 

         Explain what you wanted to say by phone and ask them to call or reply to you to the message but if you need to speak to them

          Give them 3 times and dated over the next 2 business days that you will be available to receive their phone call and then 

         Ensure you ARE able to answer the call then 

     C: If there is no Meld related to the call, do as in B above but email and TMC them instead 

57 : T suffered a lost that was not due to the landlord's negligence & T wants landlord to pay for their loss ,what should I   

        do ?

         A : Let them know that the landlord is only responsible for such losses when the problem was due to landlord negligence and not due to 

               an  “act of God” where something happened that could not have been anticipated , and that they should make a claim on their renters

               Insurance policy but in any case we will see if the landlord will agree anyway to pay for some or all of T loss and/or see if the landlord's 

               insurance company will 

          B: If a claim on O insurance policy has started already ask the Insurance company if they will pay landlord for the T losses.

          C : Add the details include if applicable the answer to B above  in the  applicable TK or Meld and assign to JB for review . For RM tickets

                 follow too “CHATXX

57:1 What should I do if T opens a claim on their Renters Insurance policy ?

        Follow t-ins-claim.sdcpm.net

58:   T  told me they have a maintenance problem, what should I do ?

         A: follow repair2.sdcpm.net

          B:  Tell them to follow repair.sdcpm.net but if they asked by phone, give them the options verbally and then email and TMC 

              them the 

                URL too 

59: O or an inspector or SDCPM field service person or V  told me about a maintenance problem , what should I do ?

        A :Create a Meld and assign to “Maintenance Office”

        B: Provide the report who reported it  the Meld# and ask them to follow up by calling ext 616 forCS4  and ext 620 for CS6 

           And ext 602 for CS1.  see    #107 /g for this).

60:   I had a problem with the Time Doctor, what should I do ?

         Add in your General Meld details of the problem as a manager to manager note for JB and add the meld tag “JB “

61: I am waiting a long time on the phone for someone. What should I do ?

        A: If there is an option for you to get an automated call back , use that option

        B: If there is no option for automated call back keep waiting and meanwhile continue to do regular work on computer 

62: I am trying to catch up on my Gmail Inbox but I keep getting new messages ,what can I do ?

       Install the free Chrome Extension “Inbox Pause”  at LINK as pause new messages for a selected time


63:   What should I do when I have communicated electronically  outside RM or Meld with anyone  (eg email, TMC,

        chat,WA etc?

          A: Add the text of the communication to the applicable TK or Meld  in the applicable note and SN to include the date of that 

              communication and the method used to communicate (Do not add it as a note attachment)  

              For example

                 6: WARRANTY INFO 

                  6/23 CS5/CS5 V emailed me on 2/11/22 “ Yes, this will include a 2 year warranty” 

          B: Follow up/process as needed



63:1 What should I do when I make a phone call when the V is added in RM already ?  

        A:Call from RM .If the # for the V is not there, add it first 

        B:  When the receiver answers the phone say “Hi, This is X from SDCPM, today is Date X  this call may be recorded is this ok?".

                eg:"Hi, this is Joe from SDCPM, this call may be recorded, is this ok?"

        C: If the receiver answers "YES" to the above question then the call recording may be used by SDCPM in case of conflict later about

               who said   what, when etc and make a note of the date and time you did the recording in the ticket.

        D:  If the receiver answers "NO" to the above question  ask them to call you  and leave you a voicemail message

              answering your questions. If they refuse still ask them why and chat with JB 

       E:   Add in the TK or Meld note as in the example below, 

             “4/11/21 CS2\CS2 I called T today who agreed to stop smoking “


63:2 What should I do when I receive a call FROM  someone when the V is added in RM already ?

         A: Add in the TK or Meld note as in the example below, 


          “4/11/21 CS2\CS2 T called me today and agreed to stop smoking “

63:3 What should I do when I make a phone call when the V is not  added in RM already ? 

       Ask AC in the Meld to add the V and to let you know once done and then call them from RM  

63.4 How can I set up a work # for WA ?

       CS2 set up a 2nd work # on his dual sim Android phone and used Android app "Multiple accounts "this is because my phone doesn't handle 

       multiple accounts of the same app simultaneously, I understand that some new phones now do"    

                                                   ..................................................AND CS4 wrote “ I created a google voice number for it, received the WA code

     on the google number. The new Androids allow you to have two Whats Apps on the same Android phone with one SIM only. If your android

     does not allow for dual whats app then you download the app that allows you to  download the app that allows you to do so.

     and the cool thing is that once I am off work I disable the notification, and turn it back on till tomorrow morning, then I will not get notifications

     on that WA, only during work:

63.5 How to download a call recording that you need to add to a ticket, MELD, post on WA or for any other reason?

Depending on the circumstances go to the History/Notes of the Tenant, Owner or Vendor.

Under Type select “rmVoIP” on the dropdown.

Locate the call that you want to download, left-click on it once, and click on “Details”.

Once the “rmVoIP Detail” window appears, click on “Send Email”.

This process could be very quick or it could delay for some seconds.

After 30 seconds if it still displays the “Downloading..” message where the “Send email” button was, click on cancel and repeat from step “d” and on.

If after 3 attempts it still did not download, cancel it and call RM (800)669-0871, after the answering lady starts speaking click on 4 and then 6. Have them shadow follow you so that they can see what you’re trying to do.

If the call downloads, then search for this email in your inbox. If it’s there then you can now copy it to wherever you need to copy it to. If it’s not in your inbox, wait for 1 minute and try searching for it again, if it still doesn’t appear, then try again from “d”, if it doesn’t work after 3 attempts do “g”.


  64: O wants T to sign a release/agreement that all the problems regarding a dispute have been resolved in full so that 

         both O and T agree to not sue the other party regarding that problem and that neither party owes the other any 

         money ,What should I tell O ?


     A: Let O know we can prepare a document ourselves and ask T to serve it at no cost but it would be safer legally for our attorney to draft the agreement a

65: When communicating with another TM , what abbreviation should I use ?

      Use their 2 digit initials as on column A of who.sdcpm.net

      For example CS= Sandy Ruiz

 66: If someone I supervise is not showing active in WA within 15 mins of their scheduled start time and they did not already add in the SDCPM Calendar that they would be late or not working as per 6 above ,what should I do ?

         A: Call/text/whatsapp them etc on their personal contact methods to find out status

         B: 15 minutes after you to A above  Let JB know what the status is by sending a Google chat message to him  

67: Should I tell JB something just as a FYI ?

        No, but if you think something is important let him know and ask him if any action is needed 

68:  What should I do if I have a suggestion on a policy or URL or any matter.

        Add it to the applicable Meld with JB tag ,  or TK  for JB to review 

69:  I need to access a page in a website but that specific page does not work. What should I do ?

        Ask the company or person in whose name the website is (for example for billhowe.com you would contact Bill Howe Plumbing to resolve

        your  problem 

70:  Someone said someone  is being “difficult” . What should I do ?

       Get the specifics of why they think the behavior is “difficult “ what specific problem this caused and add it to the Meld or TK for JB review 

71: I got an email /phone call/text/chat/Meld  message from someone but do not know how to process it. 

       Ask your supervisor and if they do not know, ask them to let JB know they do not know the answer so that JB can advise them further.     if you are an MOT and it concerns another MOT's property forward the Email to the appropriate MOT and let the sender know that you have forwarded it to that person’s email and for them to contact the MOT for any further questions. 

72 : I sent a V a Meld or TK but they contacted someone other than me,  and the instructions I gave them did not include  

       communicating with that person,  what should I do ? 

       Tell them to stop communicating with that person regarding this specific TK or Meld 

73: If I give a physical item to another person what should I do ?

        A: Mark the TK# or Meld# on the outside of item/box/bag AND who it is from and who it is for

             For example “FOR LB FROM CS:  T33921” 

         B: At the time you give the item to the other person , ask them to confirm in writing that they got it

         C: Attach the confirmation you got in B above to the TK note or Meld 

74: How do I force merge Google contacts ?

       Open your Contacts List

       Hover over the icon/avatar image that appears on the left of your contact. This displays a 'radio' box. 

       Click this to check and select the   contact.

        Scroll to, and repeat for the other contact / contacts you want to merge together.

        Click the branch symbol that appears at the top of the contacts page in a temporary bar (it is a vertical blue arrow with an extra leg and  

        shows after the second selection).

         Merging will now take place

        You will have to check name details because some will be overwritten by the process

74:1 How should I update RM to indicate someone uses WA ?

        Use the example below where “WA” is added in the phone# notes


75: What should I do if I send something to the wrong person ?

       A: Apologize to the person you sent it to in error and tell them to ignore as you sent it to them in error

       B: Let JB know the error you made

76: I emailed someone who is not responding, what should I do ?

       If the email address is not the main one showing in RM VCT , forward the email that did not get a reply to the main email address showing in

       RM VCT letting them know to ask the person who did not reply to do so 

77:  O wants to meet the person who is scheduled to do an inspection , (re TRI/MRI/EXTERIOR/PMO ) what should I do

       A: Provide them the name , phone# and email address of the person who is scheduled  and ask O to contact them and let them know you

            will ask the inspector to contact O too . Provide O te TR or Meld# 

      B: Let the inspector  know the O wants to be present at the inspection, that you gave O the inspectors email address and phone # to arrange 

           and for them to contact O too (provide them the O’s email address and phone number) 

78: Tenant's wants to give notice to move out. What should I tell them ?

      Ask them to follow notice.sdcpm.net

78.1 I need to serve a notice to enter on a T, what should I do ?

       Follow noticeenter.sdcpm.net

78.2 What reason do I need to add on a notice to enter ?

        Follow nreason.sdcpm.net

79:  How  can someone enter a unit after the Notice to Enter has been served?

        Follow: howtoenter.sdcpm.net

80: I need to complete a form for SDCPM , what should I do  ?

      Follow: forms.sdcpm.net

80:1 I need to complete a form/documents on behalf of the O but not sure if the document needs to be provided by the O 

     or SDCPM what should I do ?

     SDCPM (not O ) should  provide the documents/forms 

80.2 T needs to provide landlord contact info to someone, what should I tell them to use ?

       A: Email address :provide your one

       B Phone# provide your one

       C: First and last name: provide JAMES BURRELL



81: If JB asked me to call someone but I do not have the full information/answer yet what should I do ?

         A: Call them immediately to let them know I asked you to call them and that you appreciate their patience and let them know when

           you will call them back with an update , give them our T# or Meld# as their case# and your phone extension 

        B: Call them back on the date promised in A above

        C:Get the full info/answer they need

        D: Once C above is done, call T again 

        E: Update all steps above as applicable in the TK# or Meld 

82: I need to give someone access to enter a property to serve a notice , deliver something to the T, what must I do ?

       A:  If the PT tab “GATE KEY/CODE REQD TO ENTER FROM PUBLIC STREET ? is “YES  , if the “PT “ tab “GATE KEY CODE” has a code 

            (eg 3224) provide the person that code letting them know it should work for key number panel on the gate lock.

     B:  If there is no code showing but there is a code in “GATE/KEY LOCKBOX CODE” showing in the “PT “ tab then give them that code 

           letting  them know this code is for the locbox to enter to get the key to enter the property from the public street and tell them where the 

          lockbox is located as showing in the “PT “ tab “GATE KEY: LOCKBOX LOCATION”

     C: If the PT info is missing or not clear , ask CS to update it and once done do steps A and B again

     D: If the person who is unable to deliver the document as they cannot find the property, access the building etc is a licensed process server,

         arrange with the person who told you that processor server was having problems that you will have our regular process server do this as 

         they are very familiar with the property and are a licensed process server , and then get Tim Wing to serve the notice (if he already have a 

         scheduled visit to the property for another reason, add this new task to that Meld too and explain to Tim what you did and why 

         arrange for TW instead to serve the notice 

83: Is a TM the same as a V ?

      No, only a TM  uses Meld as a “manager” or RM as a user.

84: If someone asks “who “ did something , what should I do  ?

      Answer with the name of the person /entity that did it


85: If I  have a technical problem and are asked if you have experienced the problem in other situations, Melds, tickets 

      etc what should I do ?

        Let them know now  the details where the problem did occur elsewhere 

86: If you think it unlikely that someone will agree to do something JB requests you to ask them to do

       Ask them anyway 

87: What policy does Yes Virtual follow to answer (619) 220-4840 ?


88: If you think it unlikely that someone will agree to do something JB requests you to ask them to do

      Ask them anyway

89: How do I use the Ring App/Website  for cameras etc ?

      Follow ringapp.sdcpm.net

90: Someone claims to have emailed me but I did not get the email ,what should I do ?

        A: Ask them to forward you a copy of the email that was sent to you that you claim you  did not get

        B: Check again that you did not get that email 

        C: If you still cannot find it , ask your supervisor to check

        D: If your supervisor cannot find it , attach the email you got in A above to the TK or Meld

        E: Let JB know that neither you ,nor you supervisor can find the email that you attached and ask JB what you should do now 

91: JB asks me for the date I did something , what should I do ?   

       Provide him the date or explain why you are not able to provide him the date 

92: Should I do something if there is no policy or checklist telling me to do it  ?

      No ,unless JB told you to use your best judgment, otherwise ask you supervisor to provide you the correct policy or checklist to follow

93: I cannot reach someone at KTS, what should I do ?

       A: Email  sandiego@kts-law.com the name of the person you cannot reach, the date and time(s) you tried to reach   them , and if you 

           emailed  that person , include a copy of the email that you sent them, and ask KTS to have that person contact you or to have someone 

           else at KTS  contact you 

       B: Update what you did in a above, in the the TK or Meld   

94: What is  SDCPM’s  list of duties for a caretaker ?

       Follow caretaker.sdcpm.net

94.1 How do I find the name of a caretaker for a property ?

       Go to the PT Tab under “CARETAKER” 

95: Someone wants to speak to someone who is physically located in California, what should I do  ?

      Find out why they need to do that and let JB know the reason they provided you  

96: A unit shows twice in SM , what should I do ?

 If a unit is duplicated then "merge" it by going to listings/merge and follow s.sdcpm.com/duplicate.

Ensure once merged, that the listing shows the same number of bedrooms as in RM and if it does not then change the number of bedrooms in the Essentials section with the wrong number and then change back to the correct #. This will remove the 3rd and 4th bedroom entries in the  Details section.

Add a note in the TCT under “NOTICE TO VACATE CONTROL” that you removed the duplication and to remind JB to find out why SS did not do that already when he processed the NVC checklist item “SHOWMOJO: DELETE DUPLICATES”.

97: I forget my password or and user name , what should I do ?

      A: See if there is a reset password/username option on the website you cannot access and try that 

      B: If that fails,  contact the website owner  directly to resolve

      C: If you still cannot resolve provide JB details including screen shot(s) of the error you got and why the website O told you they could

          not fix the problem

98: How do we calculate the fractional # of bathrooms (eg 1.25,1,5 etc) ?

      Follow bathroom.sdcpm.net

99: Should I say “Good morning , afternoon etc when communicating via email/Meld ?

     No as you do not know when the receiver will view your message and it thus might cause confusion and it is better to say just

    “Hi+ Persons first name (if known) 

     For example “Hi John......”


    If you do not know the name of the person you are sending the message to just say “Hi....” 

100: A 3rd party (not the O) has requested information about someone and /or entry to a unit. What should I do ?

          A: Follow confidentialx.sdcpm.net and see too  guidelines stated  as a “cautious “ landlord, KTS 2019 PRIVACY RULES.


101: If JB asks me to do something “now” what should I do ?

       A: Try to do what he asked you to do

       B: Let all phone calls go to voice mail if not related to what he asked you to do

       C: Do not answer any WA or text messages or process non related Melds or RM tickets etc until you have done in full what JB 

            asked  you to do

      D: If you think something needs to be given higher priority than what JB asked you to do now, let JB know what that is and why

102: I need to do something but there is no ticket or Meld for it , what should I do ?

        Add it in any ticket or Meld of you choosing  and let JB know by chat once done so he can change the priority as needed

103: O told me they want to speak to JB directly , what should I do ?

        A: Update in the TK or Meld the reason the want to speak to JB 

        B: Let JB know immediately by chat the TK and Meld # , and explain in the chat why you are letting JB know this by chat 

104: How do I get county online records for a property , owner etc ?

        Follow https://arcc-acclaim.sdcounty.ca.gov/

105:T wants an allowance/credit what should I do  ?

         Follow ta.sdcpm.net

106: O has an accounting question: what should I do ?

        Add it to the PCT under the current month's “PAYMENT CONTROL” note and assign the note  to AC

107 : How can I find out which TM  handles who the MOT is  for a specific property ?

         Follow  mot.sdcpm.net

107.1: I got an invoice from a V. What should I do ?

       A: For maintenance related invoices, ask V to upload to the Meld they were given

       B: For non maintenance related invoices forward the invoice to ac@sdcpm.com and let the persion who sent you the email to follow up 

           directly with AC if any questions about the invoice.  (JB wait AC on T22142 PAYMENT CONTROL SN#35)

108: What firewall settings in Windows 10 should I enable for Zoiper ?

       Check box Private and Public . See below where only Private is checked 




109 How do I find where a T is employed ?

       A: In RM go to their “Contacts” tab and see answer under “Employer:” 

       B: If there is no entry there 

            1: Ask T to let you know and then update the above tab

            2: Add the info from T to their TCT under OTHER CONTROL SN=”Employer status 

            3: If there is no SN 500, create SN “500” at the top, right above the “year line” and add the title in 2 above.

           4: Do not delete the previous “employer status” just add the updated one with a date as per example “3/31 CS2/CS2 (as per TMC today): 

                Independent Contractor”

110 How do I find an email by searching for a key word ?


non maias

111: How can I get a bonus ?

       Follow bonus.sdcpm.net

112: What is CUI ?

        A State program to help lower-income residents with repairs and energy bills

        See http://www.campesinosunidos.org/energy-department/

113: What is MAAC ?

        A government program to help lower-income residents with repairs/energy bills

        See https://maacproject.org/main/impact/healthy-homes-health-services/weatherization-services/

114: I need to make a phone call to someone who is not a T or O what should I do ?

         Call them from RM by selecting the phone # listed in their VT tab 

115: I need to report a crime tip to SDPD, what should I do ?

         A: Follow sdcrimestoppers.com

         B: Keep a copy/screenshots of what you reported above and attach to the TK or Meld 

         C : Add the ID # provided to the applicable TK or Meld

116: HOA says they do not recognize , what should I do ?

        Send them the PMA and let them know you work for SDCPM who manages the property for the O and ask them to provide the answers/info

          you requested

117: What should I do if I need a document to be signed on behalf of SDCPM ?


117.1 What should I do if JB asked me to sign for him ?

          Follow sign-jb.sdcpm.net

118: If I need to ask someone to do something or ask them a question but they may refuse to answer it/do it or they may

        ask me a question that I don't have the answer to , should I ask them anyway ?


119: If I need to ask a non maintenance V a question and think they may charge for doing so , what should I do ? 

         Ask the question and if they say they need to charge to answer it , let JB know they told you that

120: How do I get a  $50 bonus for a positive Yelp or Google review that mentioned me? 

         Follow  bonus.sdcpm.net

121: How do I create auto page#'s for Adobe Acrobat ?

        Follow https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/using/add-headers-footers-pdfs.html

122: What do I do if a non maintenance V wants to charge for their services?

        Unless there is an agreed policy or checklist that  says what charges we can accept for this vendor, find out from JB what the charges will be and let JB know the answer " AND then follow this new policy 

123: Is it possible to find all the starred comments on WA, or do I have to scroll up and down on the chat I starred

         the comment on?

            Follow https://faq.whatsapp.com/android/chats/how-to-star-or-unstar-a-message/?lang=en

123.1 How do I  search for specific text in WA ?

          See example below





124: What should I do if I  get a call for another TM ?

        A: Transfer the call but give the caller the name and ext# of the other TM too as backup in case they call transfer fails

        B: Find out why the caller did not call the other TM directly and let JB know if this happens a lot 

125: How should I answer an incoming phone call ?

        Use following example “Hi, this is Jose”  (if your name is Jose) but if you can see from the caller ID the name of the person 

        who is calling and you remember that name from before say for example “Hi Peter , this is Jose”


126: How can I reply to a starred WA message?

        Cut and paste  and see too, the following;


127: How do I send MA to a prospective O  

        Follow manew.sdcpm.net

128: O says they will sell their property  when property is occupied, what should I do ?

         Follow osell.sdcpm.net

129: T gave /received notice to vacate and O decided to sell. What should I do ?

             Follow mrsale.sdcpm.net

130: If an O says they want us to manage their property what should I do ?

         Process the “Property New PCT” checklist

131: How do I update Unit info ?

           Follow unit.sdcpm.net

132: What do I do if the O is an LLC ?

         Follow llcnew.sdcpm.net

133: What do I do if the title of the property is held in a Trust ?

          Follow trust.sdcpm.net

134: If I add to the O’s OT /”OWA”  Tab in RM an email address under OWA , what email will O get from RM 


        See example below

        “Thank you for signing up with Owner Web Access. You are receiving this email because you created an account for 

        test5@sdcpm.com. To help prevent unauthorized account creation, we need you to verify your email address. Please use the 

        following link to finalize your account”

135: How should I use Zillow’s “Ownership” method to update facts Zillow reports for the property? 

Go to the link provided by Zillow

For “First name” and “Last name “  add that from RM “OT”  tab under “DISPLAY NAME”

For phone # add your # 

Check the box that starts “I agree as follows.....”

Click “Continue”

Follow the other instructions as provided by Zillow

136:  How should I process a change in the O's name?

          Follow oname.sdcpm.net

137: How does SDCPM define the type of bathrooms?

         Follow bathroom.sdcpm.net

138: How do I process a V liability insurance document I got?

         Follow vl.sdcpm.net 

139: How do I add an O info to RM ?

         Follow o-add.sdcpm.net  And addowner.sdcpm.net


140: How do  I get public records re-filing made with the  San Diego County Recorder?

         Follow https://arcc-acclaim.sdcounty.ca.gov/search/SearchTypeName

141: How do I add a new property to the correct Meld groups?

         Follow meld-group.sdcpm.net

142: What is the general sign policy?

          Follow sign-jb.sdcpm.net

143: How do I add a property profile to RM ?

         Follow profile.sdcpm.net

144: How should I follow up ?

         Follow flu.sdcpm.net  

145: For a new property what do I do about locks?

         Follow locknewmgt.sdcpm.net

146: How should I process documents that were scanned and uploaded to RM?

         Follow scanback.sdcpm.net

147: How should I create a new TRI Meld for a new unit?

         Follow trimeld.sdcpm.net

148: What should I add in the UMT in RM?

         Follow meldunit.sdcpm.net

149: What is  the site for public info on a property and occupants?

          Follow  https://clustrmaps.com

150: What do I do if I have problems or feedback regarding the Old checklist?

         Follow old.sdcpm.net

151: How do I process if we have a negative Trust Balance for a property we no longer manage?

         Follow : negtb.sdcpm.net

152: How do I process an insurance earthquake offer?

         Follow earthquake.sdcpm.net

153: How do I process an insurance doc for a property we no longer manage ?

         Follow insuranceoldx.sdcpm.net

154: How do I update PIT ?

         Follow pit.sdcpm.net

155: How do I process a doc from Avid ?

         Follow avidp.sdcpm.net

156: What do I do if a doc was not mailed to the SDCPM PO BOX?

         Follow vno.sdcpm.net      

157: How should I use Rebump ?

        Follow rebump.sdcpm.net 

158: How do I set up/change management fees ?

         Follow fee.sdcpm.net

159: What is AC Daily task list?

         Follow daily-ac.sdcpm.net

160: How do  I process a Housing Inspection request?

         Follow housinginsp.sdcpm.net

161: How do I get and process HOA rules/CCR's ?

         Follow hoarulesget.sdcpm.net

162: How do I process SDCPM Liability insurance ?

         Follow liabilitysdcpm.sdcpm.net

163: How do I process a fire inspection report ?

         Follow fir.sdcpm.net

164: What is the color format for SDCPM logo ?

         cmyk yellow = 0, 0,100,0 - black - pms 186c red

165: How do I get public records on property re deeds, etc or by person etc ?

        Follow records.sdcpm.net

166: I am concerned that if I follow O’s request it may cause them problems with something else the O ,SDCPM on

       behalf of the O are doing,what  should I do ?

       Let the O know your concerns and follow their instructions and update in the applicable ticket(s)

167: How can I get a new V added to RM ?

       Add a note in the TK or Meld for AC to do that and for AC to let you know once done 

168: How do I process HOA documents?

        Follow hoadoc.sdcpm.net  

168:  I need to add a note in RM for a communication for a Meld I am working on , what should I do ?

         Use the format as in the example below  see SN (Sub note)#5

169. How do I process the HAP CONTRACT from section8?

         Follow the policy hap.sdcpm.net

170. Warning notice (or cease and desist notice).

        Follow the policy warning.sdcpm.net

171 .How to add non resident as tenant in Rent Manager 

        Follow non-t-add.sdcpm.net

172.Invoice or document not sent to AVID 

       Follow vno.sdcpm.net  

173: Can I open a Docusign email to see if the correct signature will show , without forcing that signature on the form?

       Yes. Just close the doc without  saving after you have viewed it 

174 .What should I do if JB says a ticket is past due when it is not?

        Explain to JB  in the TK why you think it is not past due 

175. Where can I find the types of locks?

        Follow the policy locktype.sdcpm.net 


176. County Recorder

        Follow s.sdcpm.com/recorder


177. What can I do If I need to see/send an attachment that another TM sent to an owner, vendor, tenant, etc.   

If you need to send an email with an attachment and/or need to see an attachment that another TM sent to an owner, vendor, tenant, etc. Ask the TM to add the attachment to the TK that you’re working with. Meanwhile you can send an email (to the person that you need to send it to)  saying that you will soon send the attachment.

178: Repairs.

         Follow repair.sdcpm.net

179.  What should I do  If the old SDCPM address shows anywhere

           Ask client to change PO BOX address 

180. Someone asks me questions about different units/properties/tenants, where should I put these questions?

         Add all the questions about one unit/property/tenant on the ticket/meld that pertains to that unit/property/tenant.

181: If I get a TM WA message to all SDCPM , should I confirm I got it , eg saying “ OK”  ?

        No, as this will just be a distraction to all other TM who do not need to know you got the message

182: If I was asked to make a phone call , or need to , but am not longer on the phone with that person what should I do?

        Call them back 

183:  What should I do in RM /Meld if JB added "WA" and I processed it ?

         For RM, once you process it, just change the letter from the initial to "JB"  without adding the date & comment "Done".

184.  When referring to a SDCPM website page, should I always give the GD short URL name and create it if needed 

         first and not provide the one that links to Google Sites ? 


185: Daily call for JB.

If JB has set up a time for TM to call him once per day, that is ok to call at any other time if you don't think it can wait till the next scheduled call date. For example, my scheduled time to call JB is at 11am and it is now Monday 1pm , I do not need to ask JB if I can call him then (at 1pm) if I don't think that what I want to talk to him about can wait till Tuesday 11am"

186. What should I do with any website that is on SDCPM?

        Make as a gdoc as per policy gdoc.sdcpm.net

187.How do I process the new property?

       Follow newma.sdcpm.net

188.How do I process the website problem ?

     Follow webprob.sdcpm.net

189. If O authorized JB to sign for any document, ballot etc 

     Thank the O for their reply and that you will  let  JB know they authorized him to sign and then to let JB know they did.

190. A tenant wants a PMO , should I send a Meld for this? 

         “YES” if there is not already a Meld issued.

191.Email and text message policies 

      Follow email.sdcpm.net

192: What instructions do Yes Virtual , our answering service process?


193: What is the URL for channel of SDCPM communications flow

       The URL is channel.sdcpm.net

194: If I was given via WA a TK# or Meld URL and have answered it now what quick reply can I give if there was no

        other  chat conversation since I was asked that ?

          Add “U” = Updated ,(ie you do not need to provide the T# or Meld URL as the person who asked you will know you are referring to that 

         specific request

195: What should I do if I emailed someone to the wrong address and now found the correct one? 

         With the answer Email them to the correct email address.

196:Send management agreement to O to sign 

       Follow masign.sdcpm.net

197.Yes Virtual Instructions how to answer calls made to (619)220-4840

       Follow yv.sdcpm.net

198. How to enter an occupied unit for leasing agent

      Follow enteroccunit.sdcpm.net

199.How to process market valuation control

       Follow sales-val.sdcpm.net

200.How Do I process HOA special assessment notification

      Follow specialhoa.sdcpm.net


        Follow the policy ndt.sdcpm.net

202. JUST CAUSE: EVICTION (City of San Diego only):justcause.sdcpm.net

203: How should I make a note of an important incoming/recorded call?

        Create a comment on the pertinent Meld and send as  a Manager to Manager message , or in RM in the    

       Applicable ticket to show the date and  time of the recording.

204: What should I do when I need help with an LP?

        Follow the policy lp_help.sdcpm.net

205: NA

206: Where can I find the RM login details?

        Follow the policy rmschedule.sdcpm.net

207. PROOF OF SERVICE PROCESSING (POS):proof.sdcpm.net

208. How To download xls with start time & end time ?

        Follow the policy td.sdcpm.net

209: When you receive a call should I go to the call in RM and add a note? 

        not to do that but instead  make a note in the Meld as Manager to Manager message , or in RM in the applicable       

        ticket to show the date and time of the recording.

210:How can I find owners insurance info ?

211: Should I do something without following written policy ?


212: How to follow Snooze gmail Follow up method 

        Follow snooze.sdcpm.net

213. What should I do if I need to ask another TM(Team Member)?

        Unless otherwise stated in another policy, they should ask their Supervisor

214. A TM supervisor should add a note in the applicable TK for the TM they supervise and assign that note or SN to that TM as applicable.

215: What should I do If when I go to sdcpm.com the website takes you to an HOA google doc and I don't know how to fix the problem?

Contact AC to get them to fix it and to follow up with them to make sure they do and if they don't do that within seven days of your request to let JB know by WA

216: When can I try contacting someone?

         You may reply by g email, What App, TMC, Meld chat , VoIP (Zoiper), phone,  etc, any time and any day of the year i.e.  7/24/365 except for automated TMC messages,  they should be scheduled in RM so they do not go out before 7am.

217: What do you do when someone else, e.g. T, O, V says something you don´t understand?

        Google search the words or phrases that you don´t understand, but if you still cannot understand, then ask the person to clarify what he or she said letting them know that you want to make sure that you understood them correctly

218 : How to mention a client if you are not sure about their sex/gender ?

         Always use "they" and gender neutral pronouns unless you are sure of their sex 

218:  if you are asked to process a short URL (e.g. insx/ on image bellow/) it means to go to that URL and process (there) the tasks assigned by #'s to you by editing that Google Doc. See example below with task assigned to CS4:

219:  What do  WhatsApp checkmarks stand for?

In WhatsApp, a single gray check mark means that your message was sent, but hasn't been delivered to the other person yet. Two gray check marks mean that your message successfully made it to the other person's phone, but they haven't opened it yet. Finally, when the other party has opened your conversation and looked at the message, you'll see two blue check marks below it.

220:  How do I confirm to someone that sent me a WA message that I have read and understand what they sent me?

 By simply pin a reaction on the comment using the “thumb up” pre-defined emoji, as illustrated in the image below:

221:   When an TM sends you a FYI comment in WA, how do you confirm you have read it?

  simply pin a reaction on the comment using the pre-defined emoji, this will allow them to proceed with the next comment without you having to reply to them by typing up anything. See sample in g/220 image

222. If JB asks what date will you complete the task ?

        Add a conservative date it will be done and if you cannot provide that date to let JB know why .