1: You are required to maintain a renter’s insurance policy throughout your tenancy.

2: You must maintain a renter’s insurance policy (at your cost) protecting you against claims for bodily injury,

personal injury and property damage arising out of your use, occupancy or maintenance of the Residence.

3: You may not do anything or allow any action that invalidates the policy.

4: The renter's insurance may be issued by any company of your choice, provided that the carrier is licensed or admitted to transact business in California, and maintains during the policy term a

“General Policyholders Rating” of at least a B+, V, in the most current issue of “BEST'S INSURANCE GUIDE

5: The property owner and SDCPM must be listed as an “additionally insured” or "additional interest " under

the insurance policy. Use for both the owner and SDCPM the SDCPM mailing address. See example at EVIDENCE OF RENTERS INSURANCE:

6: Before the move in date, (or for Section 8 tenants within 10 calendar of signing the rental agreement)

you must deliver to us a certified copy of the insurance policy or certificates of insurance evidencing the

existence and amounts of the required insurance.

7: No policy may be canceled or modified except after thirty days prior written notice to us (ten days for nonpayment).

8: At least thirty days before the expiration of the policy, you must furnish us with evidence of renewal.

9: The policy must be on an occurrence basis and have personal liability coverage in an amount of at

least $100,000, with a liability deductible of no more than $500 and personal property coverage of at least $5,000

10: You will be liable for the deductible amount if an insured loss occurs.

11: The policy may not contain any intra-insured exclusions as between insured persons or organizations.

The policy limits will not limit your liability.

12: Any insurance maintained by us and our Related Parties is only for the benefit of us and our Related Parties

and you will not be named as an additional insured.

13: You must pay any increase in insurance premiums held by us and our Related Parties for the Property

resulting from the actions, omissions, use or occupancy of the Residence by you and your Related Parties.

Failure to maintain renters insurance is a material breach of this Agreement.

14: If we require you to get renters insurance, but you are unable to get this due to a temporary suspension by all insurance companies in the area where they will be living, you must still provide proof of coverage as

stated in your rental agreement, within seven days following the date suspension is lifted.

15: Add adult occupants must be named on the policy