“No gift among all the gifts of a father to his child is better than education.” - The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him

The Greater Lansing Islamic School was established in 1996 to serve the children of Muslim families that reside in the Greater Lansing area. The Muslims of the Greater Lansing community hail from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds and are firm believers in the value of an Islamic education and value the benefits of an Islamic environment.

Apart from the regular curriculum, equal emphasis is placed on Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Qur'an studies.

The school does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, national origin or economic status. However, the school reserves the right to dismiss any student who has very poor attendance, serious behavioral problems, or destroys school property.

Candidates for admission to the Greater Lansing Islamic School are selected according to the following:

  1. Previous school conduct and academic performance
  2. Results of the readiness test
  3. Availability of space
  4. Sincere commitment to educational and moral excellence from the family
  5. Commitment to meet the financial obligation to the school.

To register your child to attend The Greater Lansing Islamic School, please complete the following two forms and submit them to the school. This may be done through email, mail or by bringing the printed/completed forms to the school office. If it is not convenient for you to take the forms from on-line, contact the office and we will be happy to supply you with the forms.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to visit the school and/or classrooms. We look forward to helping to educate your child.

All students requesting admission must supply the following: All forms are available in forms and policies.

  1. Student Data Form
  2. Emergency Procedure Form
  3. Student Release form
  4. Field trip permission & photo release
  5. FERPA agreement
  6. Tuition agreement
  7. Handbook and Lunch duty agreement
  8. Record release (for students transferring from other schools)
  9. Students enrolling in EPK, PK and Kindergarten MUST provide a copy of Immunization records , Birth certificate and health appraisal.