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Intermediate Honors Community

Students in Grades 5 and 6 who are identified superior cognitive (IQ) and/or students with a specific academic ability (reading and/or math) are served in an honors community taught (in most cases) by a gifted licensed teacher(s).  Qualifying students are clustered for core instruction in both reading and mathematics.  They receive an advanced rigorous curriculum, which moves at a faster pace and is more in-depth than our traditional curriculum.

Service Criteria:
Below is the criteria used to add new students as of Spring 2017.  We have four options for qualifying for our Elementary Pullout program.
We have a continued practice of examining this criteria annually to ensure the maximum number of appropriate students is served through this model.

Option #1 - Superior Cognitive Identification and Specific Academic Identifications in BOTH Reading and Math 
Option #2 - Superior Cognitive Identification and Specific Academic Identification (Reading or Math)
Option #3 - Dual Specific Academic Identifications Reading and Math (Looking at Most Recent Scores Only) 
Option #4 - Single Specific Academic Identification (Reading or Math) and Other Academic Area 90+ and Superior Cognitive Score 118+

Below is a listing of our 5th and 6th grade teachers and direct links to their classroom webpages:
5th Grade 

Mrs. Ellen Casey ~ English Language Arts
Mrs. Jolynn Woofter ~ Mathematics

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6th Grade 

Information on our 6th Grade Programming

Mrs. Mariann Pritt ~ Honors Language Arts
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Mrs. Paula Ledoux ~ Honors Mathematics
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