Identification Criteria

Perry Local follows the identification eligibility criteria as specified in the Ohio Revised Code and the Ohio Administrative Code.
(Ohio Revised Code Section 3324.03)
  • The district identifies students in grades kindergarten through 12, as gifted.  Accordingly a child can be identified as exhibiting A) superior cognitive ability; B) specific academic [reading, math, science and/or social studies; C) creative thinking; and/or D) visual/performing arts ability.
  • The district uses only those instruments approved by the Ohio Department of Education for screening, assessment, and identification of children who are gifted.  
Identification Plan

All students are screened, assessed and identified utilizing ODE approved assessment instruments.  The district selects instruments that will allow for appropriate screening and identification of children who are culturally & linguistically diverse, children who are economically disadvantaged, children with disabilities  and children with limited English proficient.  (Accommodations are provided as needed.)

Parents will be notified of the intent to screen, assess, and identify students each school year.

The district conducts whole grade testing at grades 2 and 4 for reading and mathematics as well as at grade 5 for science and social studies.  Additionally, the district allows for at least two opportunities for assessment per year K-12 (October & March) based on referrals from teachers, parents and/or other students.  Referral forms may be obtained online or from any building office.

Children who transfer into the district will be assessed with other students at the appropriate time or will be assessed within 90 days upon recommendation by teachers, parents, or other students.  The district will also accept scores provided by other school districts and trained personnel outside the district provided they are based on ODE approved assessment instruments.  

Parents are notified of assessment results in writing within 30 days of receiving the assessment results.

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