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Cluster Groups

Students in Grades 2-4 who are identified gifted/talented in a single category [superior cognitive (IQ), reading or mathematics] are placed in a cluster group and served through structured differentiation and compacting by their general education teacher.  General education teachers receive ongoing High Quality Professional Development and Coaching by a Gifted Intervention Specialist (GIS) to support this effort.  Exceptions to this include cases where only one student in a grade level (at their designated school) is identified in that specific area and/or if a parent opts the student out of service.  

New 2017-2018
With the success of our cluster grouping initiative in Grades 2-4 in 2016-2017, we worked to expand this effort to Pfeiffer Intermediate (Grades 5-6) this school year.  The following rubric was identified for placement into these cluster groups.  This rubric will be reevaluated at the year end to determine if it should be adjusted.

5th Grade Language Arts and Mathematics:
Similar to our Elementary Cluster, any student identified gifted/talented in a single category [reading or mathematics] is placed into a cluster group for either reading or mathematics based on their identification.  (Students who are single identified with Superior Cognitive (IQ) are placed in both the reading and mathematics clusters.)  Additionally, any student who opted out of the Honors Community was also placed in a cluster group.

6th Grade Language Arts:                                                     6th Grade Math:
- Superior Cognitive or Reading Specific Academic ID            - Superior Cognitive or Math Specific Academic ID
- Most Recent Available AIR Score 753+                                 - Most Recent Available AIR Score 781+
- Average Reading/Writing Grade B or Higher                         - Average Math Grade B or Higher 

What does it mean to be in a cluster group?
This means that identified students are grouped together and placed in a mixed ability classroom with a teacher trained to meet their specific needs/abilities.  The focus is on modifying and extending grade level standards to promote engagement and increased academic achievement.