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Academic acceleration may involve whole-grade or individual subject acceleration.  Academic acceleration occurs when a student is not only doing the caliber of work necessary to be promoted to the next grade or enrolled in the next course, but also demonstrates an ability level similar to (or above) that of the students in that next grade level, subject, or course. 

Any student, parent/guardian, or staff member may refer a student for evaluation for possible accelerated placement. Referral forms may be obtained/submitted at any building office. 

An acceleration evaluation committee will determine whether a student will be permitted to skip a grade level (i.e., whole-grade acceleration), or enroll in a subject at a higher grade level (i.e., subject acceleration).  Using a process approved by the Ohio Department of Education, the committee shall be responsible for conducting a fair and thorough evaluation of the student, taking into consideration the student's own thoughts on a possible accelerated placement.   

 Written Acceleration Plans (WAPs)
When a student is recommended for whole-grade or individual subject acceleration, the acceleration evaluation committee will develop a Written Acceleration Plan (WAP).  The parent/guardian shall be provided with a copy of the plan.  The plan shall specify:
  • Placement of the student in an accelerated setting;
  • Strategies to support a successful transition to the accelerated setting;
  • Requirements and procedures for earning high school credit prior to entering high school (if applicable); and, 
  • An appropriate transition period for accelerated students.
A school staff member will be assigned to oversee implementation of the acceleration plan and to monitor the adjustment of the student to the accelerated setting.