About LTEC

What is LTEC?
LTEC (Lincolnland Technical Education Center) is a Career and Technical Center based at Lincoln Community High School with satellite classes held at PORTA High School.
LTEC was founded in 1967 as a partnership between the seven member schools which composes its board of control.
The Career and Technical Center Concept is a way for schools to offer certain career and technical classes by combining resources and enrollment.  

Who can go to LTEC?
LTEC is for junior and senior level students in high school.
All LTEC classes are required to be over 90 minutes a day. (Usually two sessions)

How is LTEC funded?
LTEC is funded by tuition from a student's home district and state support through the Career & Technical Education Improvement Grant.
Currently, a school district is charged $725 a semester per student.

Are there any "prerequisite" classes that I have to take before I can take an LTEC class?
There are no "prerequisite" classes.  Many students come to our classes with a wide range of abilities and all are welcome.

Do you offer any "dual credit" college classes?
LTEC currently offers the following "dual credit" college class with Heartland Community College:
  1. Advanced Metals: 6 College Credit Hours
  2. Health Occupations: 8 College Credit Hours
  3. Building Trades:  3 College Credit Hours