Power Band Classic

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Even the weather couldn't stop the music this year at our 1st ever Music for All affiliate Power Band Classic!

Troop 65 Scouts Raising the flag for contest.

The Power Band Classic Schedule has been changed to help with potential weather issues! Please check below for the updated schedule.

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The Power Band Classic and Music for All are proud to announce the new partnership that they have formed. The 2018 Power BandClassic will be the first Music for All affiliate marching contest. The purpose of partnership is for both organizations to be able to enrich the musical experience of students through the marching arts.

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Jon Shultz, Director of Bands Lake Hamilton Schools at jon.shultz@lhwolves.net or


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Classification: Based upon your Arkansas Activities Association Classification (determined on number of students in grades 10-12). Out of State Bands will be place in the correct classification by their 10-12 enrollment.

Adjudicators for this year's Power Band Classic will include the following:

Wayne Downey

Jim Daughters

Colton Hines

Dan Belongia

Alan Spaeth

Mitch Rogers

Mike Tarr

Scoring System

The Bands of America scoring system/sheets will be used for this event. It is the position of Bands of America that music is the more important aspect of the performance, with the marching and the presentation and the visual enhancement of the program. Similarly, more emphasis has been placed on the effectiveness to the audience and the general effect judges, than on fine-line perfection of the performance judges-which may be an aspect to work on for even better effectiveness. Consequently, the weight of the numbers in the Bands of America scoring system places 60% of the value on music and 40% on visual, and at the same time, 60% of the score within the area of general effect and 40% within the performance area. The point allotment for the competition is as follows:

20 points Music Performance

20 points Visual Performance

20 points General Effect Visual

40 points General Effect Music

For a copy of this system, visit the BOA web page at www.musicforall.org. In the event of a tie, the high placement will be awarded to the band with the higher score in the General Effect caption. This will only be used to determine Class Champions and finals competition.

Preliminary Competition

This will include all bands. The competition will begin at 9:00 am. Each band will warm-up in an assigned area, and perform during a 20 minute time slot. The time includes set-up and exit time.

Preliminary Awards

At the conclusion of the final preliminary competitor, all unit drum majors will mass for Class Awards and announcement of finalists. Preliminary scores will not be announced or made public until the conclusion of the finals competition. Division ratings will be announced and awards will be given for each classification as follows:

Division Ratings

  • I 70 and above
  • II 60-69
  • III 45-59
  • IV 44 and below


  • Division Ratings for Band, Auxiliary, and Percussion
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each class
  • Outstanding Music Performance in each class
  • Outstanding Visual Performance in each class
  • Outstanding General Effect in each class
  • Outstanding Auxiliary in each class
  • Outstanding Percussion in each class

Finals Event Schedule

There will be 8 bands in finals (this number could vary due to the number of participants). Immediately following the announcement of the finalist bands, a meeting for the director or representative of each finalist band will be held in a designated area. Finalist performance order will be determined by a top/bottom draw. The top scoring bands will draw for the last performance times and the bottom scoring bands will draw for the first performance times.

There will be Placement Awards (dependent on the number of finalist) plus awards for High Music, Visual, and General Effect.


Tickets will be available at the gate. Admission will be $10 for each person. This will be good for all day admittance. Each person will receive an armband that will be need for admittance if someone leaves the premises. Each student will receive an armband that MUST be worn all day.


Any applicable copyright laws for the performance and/or arranging of music for each band’s performance are the sole responsibility of each participating unit.


A professional video service will NOT be provided.


When you arrive on campus, the very first thing that must happen is that all buses, trucks, and other vehicles must check in at the Middle School. This is the very first entrance on the right south of the stoplight at Wolf Street and Adam Brown Road. It is a lengthy circle drive, so all of your vehicles should fit easily. Here, parent and student volunteers will sign you in, and give every student a wristband. This wristband guarantees them free admission for the remainder of the day. From this point you will proceed to the Parking Area that you have been assigned. One is to the north of the junior high, the other to the south of the junior high. Any parent spectators you have with you will need to skip the check-in circle and go straight to the spectator parking area (follow the signs).

Warm-up Areas

A student guide will come to your position in the parking areas at the appropriate time to take you to your warm-up area. There are three, labeled A, B and C. Warm-up A is located on the Baseball Field. Warm-up B is on the baseball field. Warm-up C is located on the softball field. We ask you to please warm-up facing away from the stadium, so your sound does not carry into someone else’s performance.

Stadium Entrance

Pit percussion will enter in the large gate on the Visitor’s Side of the stadium. There will be railing set up to prevent spectators from interfering with travel. All pit groups will enter the gate quietly, under the direction of the guide, and make their way to the holding area on the east end of the football field. The previous band will more than likely still be performing at this time. Once the previous band’s show is over and the pit has left the field (through the same gate) then you may proceed to the performance area. Once your performance ends, all pit personnel will leave the field going through the gated area back out into the parking lot.

All other non-pit band members will enter through the same gate. The band will then proceed, under the direction of the guide, the northeast corner of the field. When advised, the band will enter the field area to begin setting up for performance. When the show has ended all non-pit members must leave the field area through the same gate.

Power Supply

There will be power from the stadium provided; but if needed, there will be a large portable generator located on the 50 yard line, just under the bleachers. Bands will be responsible for providing their own extension cords, power strips, sound equipment, etc. The generator produces a large amount of power, and should be ample for supplying bands with plenty of electricity. The downside is that it can be a little loud, due to the amount of power that it is providing. Feel free to bring your own source of power if you choose.


4-wheelers, ATVs, Mules, Rangers, lawnmowers, etc. are allowed on the track surface. After dropping off equipment, we ask your driver to drive to the southwest side of the field (by the band stands) and park on the provided tarp. After the show, turn around in the track corner and travel back down the home.