Junior High Band

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Schedule for Summer/Fall 2018

August 6th – 9th (Mon-Thurs):  Full Band Rehearsal   3:30 – 5:45

August 10th (Fri):  Full Band Rehearsal   1:00 – 4:00

                These rehearsals are mandatory!  It is very important that you attend these rehearsals to prepare for our first football game/pep rally performances next fall.  Failure to attend these rehearsals and not notify us prior to practice could result in being removed from band.  Please plan accordingly to avoid conflicts (doctor/dentist/other appointments need to be scheduled on other days if possible as the entire group will be affected by missing).  Other school activities that may conflict will be resolved by that sponsor and the director (dance team/football/cross country/etc.).  Please let us know as soon as you know of a conflict.

                We will perform at the following Home Football Games, Pep Rallies, and one Marching Contest during this season, at which you will be expected to attend as a required performance for a grade.  Students are required to attend the entire event for full credit.  Failure to attend any two band events during the school year; according to our band handbook, will result in be removed from band.


20th (Mon): Cherrydale Fundraiser Starts 

30th (Thurs): JH Football Game vs. Nashville – meet at 5:30 


20th (Thurs): JH Football Game vs. Benton - meet at 5:30 

24th (Mon): Cherrydale Fundraiser Delivery 


4th (Thurs): JH Football Game vs. Conway White - meet at 5:30 

11th (Thurs): JH Football Game vs. NLR – meet at 5:30 

13th (Saturday): LH Power Band Marching Invitational – TBA 

25th (Thurs): JH Football Game vs. LR Catholic - meet at 5:30

Concerto Contest 2018 Winners!
8th Grade Junior High Band

Lorelei Hand - Full Scholarship to Band Camp

Micah Graves - Half Scholarship to Band Camp

Congratulations to our 2018 Fall JH Drum Major
Nikki Newell

2018 Junior High School Fall Color Guard
Alexandra Webb
Chezni Fernandez
Cloey Plyler
Dakota Almond
Hannah Reed
Jaden Hooper
Kaydence Walls
Kennedi Malliard
Krysten Gilchrist
Madison Divine
Neavah Haines
Savanna Green

Color Guard at Lake Hamilton...  What's it about?

Guard Video.mov

LH Concert Invitational is 3/2/18 in class (this is a normal day) for our students and will go through Saturday with other bands performing.  They will not stay after school and will not require "all Black" attire for this day.

Region Concert Assessment for the JH (8th grade) Band will be Friday, March 9th.  They are staying after school, warm-up at 5:40, and perform at 6:05 on the stage at the HS.  We would love to have parents attend the performance.  They will sight read in the band room immediately following their performance.  They will need to bring their "all Black" attire to change before warm-up.

Cherrydale Fundraiser Forms are due tomorrow 2/13/18!

$ will be due as items are delivered on Monday, March 12th.

You may also order online at: https://www.cherrydale.com/LKHPA

Band Uniform Returns

Please clean/return your band uniforms at your earliest convenience.  They should be machine washed (not drycleaned), hung to dry, and returned on the hanger in the bag with name on it.  Please keep your shoes, socks, shirts, shorts, etc.  Your next uniform will be returned to you in the bag/hanger that you turn in (so you'll get them back).

Christmas Concert 2017

Junior High Region II Clinic Schedule

Friday & Saturday, December 15 & 16, 2017


12:30 – Get out of class, get instrument and get seated in bands.

1:00 – 5:00 – Rehearsals (1st JH Band – Stage, 2nd JH Band – Band Room 1, and HS Jazz Band – Band Room 2).

5:00 – 7:00 – Dinner break (Pizza provided by us).

7:00 – 9:00 – Rehearsals (have a ride waiting).


8:00 – Report to School.

8:30 – 11:30 – Rehearsals.

11:30 – Lunch break (on your own) & change for Concert.

1:30 – JH 1st Concert Band meets in the Band Room for warm-up.  JH 2nd   Concert Band meets on stage for warm-up.  HS Jazz meets in Band Room 2. 

2:00 – JH 2nd Concert Band Performance followed by the JH 1st Concert Band Performance and then the HS Region Jazz Band Performance.


Meals:  The school is providing dinner on Friday but Lunch on Saturday, is on your own.  It is imperative that you have a ride and that they are on time for both getting you picked up and brought back.  Time is limited and no one will be here at the school during the break as we all will be trying to get lunch.  Please make plans for this.  Some of you may want to go eat together.

Attire:  Attire for the clinic is normal school clothes (follow dress code).  Attire for the concert is normal concert attire for Lake Hamilton:  all black!  Notice we did not mention jeans, tennis shoes, or flip flops which are unacceptable for concerts.  Please make sure you are dressed appropriately as you will be representing Lake Hamilton at this clinic.

Please let you your parents know that we would love to have them come listen to all of the concerts on Saturday.  Make sure that you have a ride home following the concert if your parents will not be attending.  There will be shirts and plaques available for purchase out front of the auditorium.  If you have any questions please call or email.  

Congratulations to the following 7th, 8th & 9th grade LH band students for making the Region 2 - 2017 All-Region JH Band Honor Bands...

1st Band Flute: 2nd Chair Phoebe Carnie, 5th Chair - Alison Fahad, 7th Chair - Emmalee Hibbs, 9th Chair - Natalie Thorton
2nd Band Flute: 2nd Chair - Kaylee Smith, 5th Chair - Rivers Nicholas, 7th Chair - Hilmer Diaz, 2nd Alternate - Sandy Santillan, 3rd Alternate - Sally Santillan, & 4th Alternate - Lillian Peters

1st Band Clarinet: 7th Chair - Haley Toennis, & 17th Chair - Abigayle Dampier
2nd Band Clarinet: 1st Chair - Aerith McCaslin, 5th Chair - Colleen Miller, 13th Chair - Sara Velcherean, 15th Chair - Natalie Scalzo, 16th Chair - Kiana Arcos, 17th Chair - Kendall House, 22nd Chair - Kennedi Malliard, 23rd Chair - Eli Fahad, 2nd Alternate - Hannah Kara, & 3rd Alternate - Lilly Stevens

1st Band Bass Clarinet: 4th Chair - Emmaleigh McClard

1st Band Alto Saxophone: 3rd Chair - Matthew Shirey, 6th Alternate Timothy Tarca

1st Band Tenor Saxophone: 2nd Chair - Lorelei Hand, & 3rd Chair - Dylan Coffman

1st Band Trumpet: 1st Chair - Elijah Shields, 3rd Chair - Micah Graves, 7th Chair - Andrew Garcia, 8th Chair - Malachi Abon, 11th Chair - Jonathan King, & 12th Chair - Shelbi Vincent
2nd Band Trumpet: 1st Chair - Kaden Mays, 4th Chair - Zoey Jobe, 5th Chair - Devin Patel, 10th Chair - Savana Green, 2nd Alternate - Kaylee Altamirano, & 6th Alternate - Joshua Featherston

1st Band French Horn: 2nd Chair - Emily Ward, 3rd Chair - Madison Cole, 7th Chair - Silas Cochran, & 8th Chair - Ethan Huffman
2nd Band French Horn: 1st Chair - Ethan Smith, 3rd Chair - Matthew Peret, 5th Chair - Abigail Tarca, 1st Alternate - Everett Tidwell, & 4th Alternate - Lindsey Buttrum

1st Band Trombone: 4th Chair - Lauren Charles, & 8th Chair - Kaden Manley
2nd Band Trombone: 8th Chair - Ken Dong, & 1st Alternates - Gunner Horner

1st Band Baritone: 1st Chair - Dylan Denham, & 3rd Chair - Chase Merritt
2nd Band Baritone: 3rd Chair - Zach Gonzales, 1st Alternate - Noah Stainback, & 3rd Alternate - Alex Pequignot

1st Band Tuba: 7th Chair - Zachary Haygood

1st Band Percussion: 9th Chair - Nathan Miller
2nd Band Percussion: 4th Chair - Larry Morales, 5th Chair - Kristen Baker, 10th Chair - Conner Jewett, & 2nd Alternate - Evan Estes

Half Time 2017

Can't Stop The Feeling!

Instrument Supplies 

2017 Junior High Power Band Uniform Supply List


T-Shirts (2) $28, Shorts $17, Marching Shoes $45, Garment Bag $14, Gloves (2 Pair) $14, Gauntlets $12, & Uniform Hanger $5


 You will still need to get long black socks to wear with as well (must be all black - no polka dots, stripes or other).

1st Payment ($70) of the total amount is due for these items on August 18th. 2nd Payment ($65) of the total amount is due September 1st.  Or… you may pay the grand total if you would like, up front. If you need to make payment arrangements please email, Mrs. Bennett (diana.bennett@lhwolves.net).  Make checks payable to LH Bands and if you have siblings, please send separate checks for book keeping purposes.  Please include this slip with the band envelope when making the 1st payment.  We will not be able to give items out until full payment is received (1st Game Performance Sept. 7th).

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Congratulations 2017 JH Fall Guard
Alexis Felan - Kendall House - Emily Graves - Lauren Charles - Ashley Sagers - Anastasiia Stepanova
Leslie Islas - Lillian Peters - Morgan Lunsford - Kaylee Smith - Jennifer Dejeu - Sarahi Rios - Rachel Murphy
Emily Ward - Kylie Moseley - Emmaleigh Landrum

Congratulations 2017 Drum Major - Lorelei Hand

2016 Junior High All Region Band Results

Flute - Molly Sorters – 1st Band, 2nd Chair ^ Anna Styers – 1st Band, 5th Chair ^ Katherine Scalzo – 1st Band, 6th Chair ^ Pheobe Carnie – 1st Band, 11th Chair ^ Emma Hibbs – 2nd Band, 1st Chair ^ Rivers Nicholas – 2nd Band, 3rd Chair ^ Natalie Thornton – 2nd Band, 5th Chair ^ Sandy Santillan – 2nd Band, 8th Chair ^ Kayla Word – 2nd Band, 10th Chair ^ Kaylee Smith (7th) – 4th Alternate ^ Alison Fahad – 6th Alternate

Oboe - Elijah Pavatt – 2nd Band, 2nd Chair

Bassoon Houston Baber – 1st Band, 1st Chair

Clarinet Tess Butler – 1st Band, 1st Chair ^ Kristy Rice – 1st Band, 3rd Chair ^ Andrea Mogovan – 1st Band, 4th Chair ^ Stevie Hopson – 1st Band, 8th Chair ^ Haley Toennis (7th) – 1st Band, 18th Chair ^ Gabby McFee – 1st Band, 24th Chair ^ Hannah Kara – 2nd Band, 1st Chair ^ Colleen Miller – 2nd Band, 6th Chair ^ Kendall House (7th) – 2nd Band, 8th Chair ^ Bridani Diaz – 2ndBand, 14th Chair ^ Liailah Spearman (7th)  2nd Band, 19th Chair ^ Abigayle Damiper – 2nd Band, 21st Chair ^ Marli Marovich – 2nd Band, 23rd Chair ^ Rachel Salceda – 2nd Band, 24th Chair ^ Sienna Speas – 1st Alternate (seated)

Bass Clarinet - Vallory Newton – 1st Band, 1st Chair ^ Angel Sampson – 2nd Alternate

Contra Bass Clarinet - Karagin Darnell – 1st Band, 1st Chair

Alto Sax - Matthew Shirey – 1st Band, 1st Chair ^ Andrews Brister – 2nd Band, 3rd Chair ^ Raylee Speers – 2nd Alternate

Tenor Sax - Jeremy Peret – 1st Band, 1st Chair ^ William Ziegler – 1st Band, 2nd Chair ^ Dawson Williams – 2nd Band, 1st Chair ^ Dylan Coffman – 2nd Band, 3rd Chair ^ Lorelei Hand (7th) – 1st Alternate

Trumpet Juan Rios – 1st Band, 6th Chair ^ Hayden Morrison – 1st Band, 11th Chair ^ Micah Graves (7th) – 2nd Band, 1st Chair ^ Josh Featherston – 2nd Band, 2nd Chair ^ Krista Combs – 2nd Band, 3rd Chair ^ Jesse Brookshire  2nd Band, 8th Chair ^ Hunter Miller – 2nd Band, 9th Chair ^ Levi Stratton (7th) – 2nd Band, 10th Chair ^ Branson Willis – 2nd Band, 13th Chair ^ Brandon Wooten – 1st Alternate ^ Elijah Shields –3rd Alternate ^ Andrew Garcia (7th) – 8th Alternate

Horn - Chloe Slaughter – 1st Band, 2nd Chair ^ Ethan Smith (7th) – 2nd Band, 1st Chair ^ Matthew Peret – 2nd Band, 2nd Chair ^ Jackson Spigner – 2nd Band, 3rd Chair ^ Lindsey Buttrum (7th) – 2nd Band, 4th Chair ^ Kenzie McGee – 2nd Band, 8th Chair ^ Emily Ward (7th) – 1st Alternate ^ Cody Nesbit – 2nd Alternate

Trombone - Kaden Manley – 1st Band, 3rd Chair ^ Lauren Charles (7th) – 1st Band, 8th Chair ^ Destin Rhodes – 1st Band, 9th Chair ^ Braiden Fortner – 2nd Band, 1st Chair ^ Quincy Adams – 2nd Band, 6th Chair ^ Josh Resteman – 1st Alternate (seated) ^ William Livingston – 3rd Alternate (seated) ^ Faith Havens – 4th Alternate

Euphonium - Dylan Denham – 1st Band, 1st Chair ^ Chase Merritt – 2nd Band, 6th Chair

Tuba - Zach Haygood – 2nd Band, 4th Chair ^ Brad Fletcher – 2nd Band, 6th Chair ^ Matthew Hill – 5th Alternate

Percussion - Jordy Morales – 1st Band, 6th Chair ^ Matthew Novak – 1st Band, 10th Chair ^ Kyler Molina – 1st Band, 12th Chair ^ Sutton Mannatt (7th) – 2nd Band, 9th Chair ^ Josh Favorite (7th) – 2nd Band, 11th Chair ^ Sean Dalton – 1st Alternate ^ Connor Jewitt – 3rd Alternate ^ Sarah Bullen – 5th Alternate

Christmas Concert 2016

LHJH 8th Grade Band at the Pep Rally 10/13/16



Basketball Game Performance 2/8/16

2015 - JH Region Band Results!

Congratulations to the following list of JH and MS students for making the 2015 JH All-Region 1st Band!  

{Flutes: 1st Chair - Katherine Scalzo; 2nd Chair - Anna Styers; 3rd Chair - Sara Santillian; 6th Chair - Emma Hibbs (MS); Clarinets: 3rd Chair - Dani Langford; 4th Chair - Tess Butler; 5th Chair - Hannah Jobe; 7th Chair - Andrea Mogovan; 11th Chair - Lean Abernathy; 14th Chair - Kristy Rice; 15th Chair - Stevie Hopson (MS); 23rd Chair - Colleen Miller (MS); 24th Chair - Karagin Darnell; Bass Clarinets: 1st Chair - Vallory Newton; 3rd Chair - Mackenzie McClard; Contra Bass Clarinet: 1st Chair - Molly Blancaflor; Alto Saxes: 2nd Chair - Lucas Amerson; 4th Chair - Matthew Shirey (MS); Tenor Saxes: 1st Chair - Jeremy Peret; 2nd Chair - Hayley Johnson; 3rd Chair - Carter Manatt; Trumpets: 3rd Chair - Jacob Sasca; 5th Chair - Elijah Shields (MS); 6th Chair - Jolie Crane; 8th Chair - Josh Featherston (MS); 13th Chair - Jonathan Crane; Horns: 1st Chair - Aaron Moody; 5th Chair - Chloe Slaughter; Trombones: 4th Chair - Destin Rhodes (MS); 5th Chair - Kaden Manley (MS); 8th Chair - Denise Tang; 9th Chair - Jacob Peret; Euphoniums: 4th Chair - Dylan Denham (MS); 6th Chair - Ian Baldwin (MS); Tubas: 1st Chair - Kyle White; 6th Chair - Brad Fletcher; Percussion: 1st Chair - Tyler Dickson; 7th Chair - Ben Favorite;  and 12th Chair - Tyler Turner}

Congratulations to the following list of JH and MS students for making the 2015 JH All-Region 2nd Band!

{Flutes: 1st Chair - Molly Sorters; 8th Chair - Deborah Tarca; 10th Chair - Pheobe Carnie (MS); 12th Chair - Josie Morgan (MS); Oboes: 1st Chair - Justin Wooley; 2nd Chair - Elijah Pavatte; Bassoon: 1st Chair - Houston Baber; Clarinets: 3rd Chair - Serena Wharton; 6th Chair - Madison Seiss; 11th Chair - Julianna Novokavic; 13th Chair - Hannah Kara (MS); 14th Chair - Makayla Chapmond; 24th Chair - Victoria Dalton; 26th Chair - Andrea Stevenson; Alto Saxes: 1st Chair - Amanda Albrecht; 2nd Chair - Faith Carnie; 3rd Chair - Raylee Spears (MS); Baritone Sax: 1st Chair - Dawson Dunn; Trumpets: 8th Chair - Juan Rios; Horns: 6th Chair - Matthew Peret (MS); 7th Chair - Devon Collins; 8th Chair - Jackson Spigner; Trombones: 6th Chair - Lauren McMillon; Euphoniums: 1st Chair - Jack Griffin; Tubas: 8th Chair - Brandy Krug; Percussion: 9th Chair - Jordy Morales; 11th Chair - Spencer Fellenz; and 12th Chair - Matthew Novak}

Congratulations to the following list of JH and MS students for making alternate to the 2015 JH All-Region Band!

{Flutes: 5th - Sandy Santillan (MS); 6th - Serena Brundige; 8th - Lindsay Resteman; Clarinets: 4th - Vanessa Kimple; 9th - Alexis Watson; 12th - Marli Marovich; Bass Clarinet: 2nd - Angel Sampson; Alto Saxes: 4th - Alizabeth Schauf (MS); 6th - Sarah Osburn (MS);Trumpets: 3rd - Chistian Edwards; 6th - Jordan Clark; 4th - Kenzie McGee; Trombones: 1st - Jacob Brooks; 2nd - Faith Havens; Tuba: 2nd - Zach Haygood; Percussion: 3rd - Ta'Lynn Bayless; 4th - Dakota Thompson; 7th - Connor Jacoby; and 8th - Sean Dalton}